Education Council Members

The NIC Education Council is made up of 21 members: four elected student representatives, two elected support staff, 11 elected faculty, and four administrative staff appointed by the President.

Dennis Lightfoot, Chair
Faculty, Mathematics & Science

Tony Bellavia
Associate Vice President, Access & Regions

Nitesh Chaudhary
Student Representative

Kathleen Haggith
Chair, Curriculum & Fast Track Committees

Dean, Health & Human Services

Kathleen Heywood
Faculty, Mathematics & Sciences

Kathleen Kuhnert
Chair, Planning & Standards Committee

Associate Vice President, Student Services and Registrar

Brooke McIntosh
Support Staff, Education/Financial Aid Advisor

Deb Price
Student Representative

Kelly Shopland
Director, Aboriginal Education

Heather Thompson
Support Staff, Registration Assistant

John Bowman, Ex-Officio
President, NIC

Terri Bateman
Faculty, Distributed Learning Facilitator

Alix Carrel
Faculty, Humanities & Social Sciences

Jennifer Fallis-Starhunter
Faculty, Mathematics & Sciences

Brad Harsell, Vice Chair
Faculty, Trades & Technical Programs

Peter Hoefgen
Student Representative

Judith Marriott
Faculty, Business Administration

Jan Meiers
Faculty, Nursing

Danita Schmidt
Faculty, Adult Basic Education

Nadine Simpson
Faculty, Adult Basic Education

Tony Yaklin
Faculty, Trades and Technical Programs

TBD, Ex-Officio
Board of Governors Representative

Kara Foreman
Recording Secretary