Education Council Members

The NIC Education Council is made up of 21 members: four elected student representatives, two elected support staff, 11 elected faculty, and four administrative staff appointed by the President.

Education Council Members 2023-2024

Wilma Gus

Wilma Gus, CHAIR
Faculty, ABE Indigenous Education

Aisling Brady

Aisling Brady
Faculty, Mathematics & Science

Ashley Blacquiere
Faculty, Digital Design & Development

Barb Biggs
Support Staff, Curriculum & Calendar Systems Technician

Cheryl O’Connell

David Johns

Georgette Whitehead

Jason Wang (student)

Jennifer Fallis Starhunter

Jennifer Fallis Starhunter, Chair, Curriculum and Fast Track Committees
Faculty, Mathematics-Science

Judith Marriott

Judith Marriott, Chair, Planning & Standards Committee
Faculty, Business Administration

Kelly Goudreau

Kelly Shopland

Kelly Shopland
Director, Indigenous Education

Laura Hickey

Laura Hickey
Faculty, Practical Nursing

Lernard Chiremba (student)

Lisa Domae

Lisa Domae, Ex-Officio
President, NIC

Manpreet Kaur

Margaret Hearnden

Michelle Badger

Michelle Badger

Rylee LaTrace
Board of Governors Representative

Shubham Chauhan (student)

Tony Bellavia

Tony Bellavia
VP Academic

Xiang Luo (student)

Kara Foreman

Kara Foreman
Recording Secretary