Faculty Profile - Bill McConnell

Bill McConnell

Bill McConnell


Humanities & Social Sciences

PhD in Counselling Psychology (University of Calgary, 1993)

Subjects: Criminology, Psychology
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4160 | Location TYE - 221

Bill McConnell completed graduate training in applied psychology at Glasgow University (MAppSci) and the University of Calgary (PhD). He has worked in hospitals in Scotland and Alberta, and in private practice in Alberta and BC. He taught for seven years in the Alberta post-secondary system before joining NIC in 1999. Since then, he has taught psychology and criminology courses, served two consecutive terms as department chair, and four consecutive terms as faculty association president. As a registered psychologist, he is interested in adult psychopathology and the interface between psychology and law. As an educator, he is interested in promoting endorsement of empiricism, quantitative literacy, and information literacy. He has presented research findings at major conferences in Canada, Europe and the US and has published in international peer-reviewed teaching and learning journals.

PhD in Counselling Psychology (University of Calgary, 1993)

MAppSci in Clinical Psychology (University of Glasgow, 1984); BSc (Hons) in Psychology (University of Glasgow, 1981)

CRM-101 Introduction to Criminology

PSY-130 Introductory Psychology I

PSY-131 Introductory Psychology II

PSY-202 Health Psychology

PSY-204 Research Methods in Psychology

PSY-215 Biological Psychology

PSY-235 Abnormal Psychology

PSY-250 Human Development From Conception Through Childhood

PSY-251 Human Development From Adolescence Through Adulthood

PSY-260 Psychological Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behaviour

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