Faculty Profile - Barb McPherson

Barb McPherson

Barb McPherson

Department Chair, Faculty

Practical Nursing Program

B.Sc., Nursing

Subjects: Practical Nursing Diploma

Barb has been an instructor at North Island College for seven years, teaching in the Health Care Assistant program, Hospital Unit Clerk program and most recently in the Practical Nursing program. Before joining NIC, she worked for 20 years in nursing fields such as general surgery/medicine and gerontology, later specializing in cardiac nursing. She had the privilege of working as a preceptor/mentor for several nursing students and loved teaching them and learning alongside them.

As an instructor, Barb continues to work with students to help develop the amazing nurses of the future. Barb is a lifelong learner, which goes hand in hand with the nursing profession; there is always something new to learn in healthcare.

B.Sc., Nursing

PNS-113 Variations in Health 1

PNS-115 Pharmacology 1

PNS-116 Integrated Nursing Practice 1

PNS-117 Consolidated Practice Experience 1

PNS-123 Variations in Health 2

PNS-125 Pharmacology 2

PNS-126 Integrated Nursing Practice 2

PNS-127 Consolidated Practice Experience 2

PNS-233 Variations in Health 3

PNS-236 Integrated Nursing Practice 3

PNS-237 Consolidated Practice Experience 3

PNS-243 Variations in Health 4

PNS-246 Integrated Nursing Practice 4

PNS-247 Consolidation Practice Experience 4

PNS-248 Transition of Final Practice Experience

PNS-249 Final Practice Experience

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