Faculty Profile - Daniel Hinman-Smith

Daniel Hinman-Smith

Daniel Hinman-Smith


Humanities & Social Sciences

PhD, History (University of North Carolina, 1993)

Subjects: History, Liberal Studies

Dan Hinman-Smith teaches a wide variety of history and liberal studies courses, with an emphasis upon world history and world religion. Born in Victoria, he returned to Vancouver Island and NIC in 2003 after previous teaching appointments at UVIC, UBC, the University of Toronto, the University of Maine, and other venues such as alternative high schools and prisons. He loves all matters historical and mythological and has been involved in a number of NIC student field schools to Greece.

PhD, History (University of North Carolina, 1993)

MA (History, UVIC, 1984); BA (History, UVic 1982).

HIS-120 World History to 1000

HIS-121 World History of the Last Millennium, AD 1000-2000

HIS-122 The Contemporary World

HIS-135 World Mythology

HIS-205 Travels in Time

HIS-215 History of Modern Europe I

HIS-216 History of Modern Europe II

HIS-220 War, Memory, Myth and History

HIS-225 History of British Columbia

HIS-232 United States History Since 1877

HIS-260 Historical Reactions to Criminal and Deviant Behaviour

LIB-130 Intro to World Religions

LIB-131 Eastern and Comparative Religions

LIB-210 Topics in World Civilization

LIB-250 Wisdom of the Ancients

LIB-251 From Romulus to The Renaissance

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