Faculty Profile - Jason Diemer

Jason Diemer

Jason Diemer



MSc in Applied Mathematics (Western University, 1995)

Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Statistics

Jason Diemer joined the department of Mathematics and Science in 1998. Jason had completed 2 years of a PhD program in applied mathematics at Western University before joining NIC, unable to resist the lure of a return to island life.

His intention to study music in university were derailed by an enthusiastic high school physics and mathematics teacher. "He turned my indifference to mathematics into enthusiasm by showing me the amazing way that mathematics can be used to predict how the universe behaves.  I was hooked."

During his university studies, Jason had the opportunity to serve as a tutor in the community. "I discovered that I loved to teach. Upon completing my MSc, I enrolled in the BEd program at Western University. I had the opportunity to do a practicum in a centre for adult education. My career goals came sharply into focus during that experience."

"Teaching at NIC is very rewarding. It is so fulfilling to be a part of a learner's progression, to be present at that moment when understanding takes hold."

Jason has lived on the Saanich peninsula near Victoria, in rural Alberta, in London Ontario, and now resides with his wife and four kids in Campbell River. "Every place I have lived has been wonderful for its own reasons, but I've lived in Campbell River for about 20 years now, and I still pinch myself every once in awhile." Jason still enjoys playing the piano, and has enthusiastically embraced comtemporary board games as a hobby. His memorable outdoor experiences include spelunking, exploring the Willow Point reef, and hiking out to Cape Scott and to the summit of King's Peak. "Living here, it is impossible to be bored."  

MSc in Applied Mathematics (Western University, 1995)

BEd in Intermediate/Secondary Mathematics and Physics (Western University, 1996)

BSc in Physics (University of Victoria, 1992)

MAT-060 Provincial ABE Mathematics

MAT-102 -Calculus for the Biological And Social Sciences

MAT-151 Finite Mathematics

MAT-162 Mathematics for Elementary Education I

MAT-163 Mathematics for Elementary Education II

MAT-181 Calculus I

MAT-182 Calculus II

MAT-210 Calculus III

MAT-214 Calculus IV

PHY-050 College Preparatory Physics I

PHY-060 College Preparatory Physics II

PHY-100 Introduction to Physics I

PHY-101 Introduction to Physics II

PHY-120 Principles of Physics I

PHY-121 Principles of Physics II

STA-115 Introduction to Statistics

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