Faculty Profile - Donna Wedman

Donna Wedman

Donna Wedman

Department Chair, Faculty

Health Care Assistant

Bachelor of Nursing (University of Calgary 1992)

Subjects: Health Care Assistant

My foundational nursing education and experiences were in Alberta, where I worked in a variety of clinical contexts, including maternity and newborn nursery, surgical care, extended care and community work with adults with disabilities.  I moved to the Comox Valley in 1993 and worked with children and adults with a variety of disabilities in the local school district as well as in residential homes. I have been an instructor at North Island College since 1995. I enjoy introducing students to the skills and knowledge needed to be caring professionals. As the department chair, I work behind the scenes to support the faculty and make the students' experience in the program positive.

Bachelor of Nursing (University of Calgary 1992)

Registered Nurse since 1986

Diploma of Nursing (University of Alberta School of Nursing,1985)

HCA-100 Health and Healing: Concepts for Practice

HCA-105 Health 1: Interpersonal Communications

HCA-115 Healing 1: Caring for Individuals Experiencing Common Health Challenges

HCA-120 Healing 3: Personal Care and Assistance

HCA-125 Healing 2: Caring for Individuals experiencing Cognitive or Mental Challenges

HCA-130 Work Role: Introduction to HCA

HCA-140 Practice Experience 1

HCA-145 Practice Experience 2

HCA-150 Practice Experience 3

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