Faculty Profile - Frank Lu

Frank Lu

Frank Lu


Business Administration, Computer Science Technology, Digital Design & Development, Mathematics-Science

MSc (Business Admin) in Management Info Systems (UBC, 1992)

Subjects: Business, Info Tech & Comp Science, Mathematics

Favourite Reasons for Teaching

Many former students and graduates found that the courses they have taken in the program helped change or improve their careers, which is the biggest motivator to me. The ongoing change in the field certainly makes the subject interesting and challenging.

Suggestions for Student Success

To succeed in the program, in particular in the courses I teach such as HTML/CSS, Database Fundamentals, JavaScript and Computer Programming, you need to be prepared to work hard, manage your time well, and pay attention to details. You also need to be patient and are motivated to learn. It would certainly be a good asset if you like step-by-step problem solving with an analytical approach.