Faculty Profile - Laurie Tulloch

Laurie Tulloch

Laurie Tulloch

Department Chair, Faculty

Early Childhood Care

Subjects: Early Childhood Education
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4218

ECC-104 Developmental Journey

ECC-114 Partnerships - Part I - Child Guidance

ECC-116 Partnerships II - Advanced Guiding AndýCaring

ECC-124 The Learning Child - Part I - Play &ýCurriculum

ECC-125 The Learning Child - Part II - Planningýfor Play & the Environment

ECC-136 Foundations of Professional Practice

ECC-140 Practice Experience I

ECC-141 Practice Experience II

ECC-142 Practice Experience III

ECC-157 Effective Interpersonal Communications

ECC-163 Child, Family And Community

ECC-168 Health Safety And Nutrition in ChildcareýSettings

ECC-204 Developmental Journeys - Part II -ýAdvanced

ECC-215 Partnerships - Advanced

ECC-224 The Learning Child - Infants & Toddlersý-Part III

ECC-245 Practice Experience - Special Needs

ECC-246 Practice Experience - Infants andýToddler

ECC-255 Self & Others - Part III

ECC-264 Supported Child Care

ECC-268 Supervising Early Childhood Centers

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