Faculty Profile - Ali Mayboudi

Ali Mayboudi

Ali Mayboudi

MA, Economics (Simon Fraser University, 2013)

Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5209 | Location TYE - 216

Ali joined NIC in 2015 as an instructor in the School of Business. In 2018, he became NIC’s youngest-ever department chair and currently leads the NIC School of Business.

“I love working with students and helping them to reach their goals,” says Mayboudi. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see them succeed.”

Two of Mayboudi’s primary goals are improving access to students across the region by offering a more comprehensive range of online, blended and in-person courses and increasing networking opportunities and community connections for students through brining more business professionals on campus.

“I am always looking for opportunities for students to work with local businesses on projects such as product or service development,” he says.

Mayboudi knows first hand the benefit of the real-world experience for students. It was such a project that changed his career trajectory to focus on business. 

After earning his bachelor’s degree in mining engineering at the University of Tehran, he and a few of his classmates decided to run a mining magazine. The magazine, the first of its kind in Iran, was a runaway success and led to Mayboudi being appointed as a marketing and development manager. The development of their business led to organizing major national and international conferences and special events. 

“My goal was to have a multidiscipline education and experience,” says Mayboudi. “My experience with the magazine and marketing drew me to continue my education in an MBA program.”

While earning his MBA at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus, he made his first foray to the front of the classroom, taking a full-time job as a teaching assistant.

“I used to help my MBA fellows and always received a typical comment on how good I was supporting them to learn a topic. Becoming a teaching assistant put me in a unique situation to assist more students.”

Mayboudi came to Canada in 2011, studied at Simon Fraser University and earned a master’s degree in economics. It led to work as a business and data analyst at ePACT Network, an emergency preparedness start-up based in North Vancouver. He also worked as a consultant for World Vision Canada, helping the Canadian charity assess and analyze ‘social impact bonds’ loaned to venture projects in developing countries. Mayboudi also started as a lecturer in the Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis program at Queen’s University. The opening of a full-time economics teaching position drew him to NIC.

“The NIC School of Business had an impressive profile, and I was interested in living in a smaller community,” he says. “NIC and the Comox Valley community is a great fit for me. I’m so happy to be here and to be able to help new students discover new subjects.”

Along with his work in the School of Business, Mayboudi is also passionate about supporting the college to develop long term goals, including strategic planning, multi-year program planning, and diversity matters. He also spent the summer of 2019 in Peru as part of a Uniterra exchange program where he delivered six workshops on a range of topics including change and conflict management, negotiation, teamwork, career planning, and interview skills.

“It was so moving to see the engagement of the people who attended the workshops,” he says. “They had amazing questions and wanted to delve as deeply into the subjects as we could in the short time we were together. It’s inspiring to work with people who are thirsty for knowledge and humbling to know my experience and knowledge will help them.”

MA, Economics (Simon Fraser University, 2013)

MBA, Business Administration (Eastern Mediterranean University, 2008)

BSc, Mining Engineering (University of Tehran, 2005)

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