Faculty Profile - Jaylene Van Der Merwe

Jaylene Van Der Merwe

Jaylene Van Der Merwe


Trades & Apprenticeships

Red Seal Automotive Service Technician

Subjects: Automotive Tech Harmonized, Auto Serv Tech Appren Hrmzd

Jaylene’s introduction to the automotive industry began in her final year of high school at a local dealership as a detailer. Graduation brought her to the University College of the Fraser Valley where anthropology and education were her anticipated career path. However, her old Volvo had other plans. After repeatedly having to perform her own diagnostics and repairs, it became evident that her career was about to take a different direction.

In 2010, Jaylene completed her Red Seal qualification as an Automotive Service Technician from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her career has spanned from a Volvo specialty shop in BC to roles halfway around the world in New Zealand, Australia and back again. Jaylene has continued to develop and expand her qualifications in the automotive industry with manufacturer training programs. She also obtained her Commercial Vehicle Inspection license.

Her approach to teaching comes from a passion for continued learning and the ability to mentor those with a desire to explore opportunities in the automotive trade. Patience, determination, hard work and critical thinking are traits she endeavours to instill in her students for their success in an ever-evolving and increasingly challenging industry.

Red Seal Automotive Service Technician

Commercial Vehicle Inspector Certificate

AMH-100 Workplace Safety

AMH-101 Employability Skills

AMH-102 Tools and Equipment

AMH-103 General Automotive Maintenance

AMH-104 General Automotive Practices

AMH-105 Brake Systems

AMH-106 Steering Systems

AMH-107 Suspension Systems

AMH-108 Basic Electrical Systems

AMH-109 Work Habits

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