Faculty Profile - Stephen McIntosh

Stephen McIntosh

Stephen McIntosh


Trades & Apprenticeships

Cabinetmaker - Interprovincial Red Seal

Carpenter - Interprovincial Red Seal

Subjects: Joinery, Joinery/Cabinetmaking
Tebo Vocational Centre 250-724-8771

Hello and thanks for your interest in my Joinery/Cabinetmaking course.  There are people of all ages who take the course to grow their art, hobby or professional standards in fine woodworking.  Regardless of your goals it will be a fun, comfortable and safe year.

After studying sciences in college I started my teaching career guiding in the mountains, on the water and instructing professional outdoor education courses.  After completing a Red Seal in both carpentry and joinery/cabinetmaking it was a natural progression to choose to return to teaching after working for many years in industry.  Before instructing at NIC, I taught carpentry and cabinetmaking apprenticeship courses at SAIT in Calgary.

I have been a long time supporter of people choosing skilled trades as a successful and financially viable career.  As a young journeyperson I was fortunate to win a national carpentry competition and then compete internationally for Canada. From 2001 to 2011, I represented Canada at WorldSkills competitions as an expert (judge) and eventually became the chief expert (head judge) for the WorldSkills competitions in joinery.  Since that time, I have worked directly for the WorldSkills organization as a skill advisor to support training, competition management and the fairness and transparency of assessment practices in all competition areas.  WorldSkills has 76 member countries and every two years a competion is held in a different location around the world.

I am driven to design and create with a multitude of materials and love teaching.   I look forward to the possibily of working with you. 


Cabinetmaker - Interprovincial Red Seal

Carpenter - Interprovincial Red Seal

JNY-100 Introduction to the Joinery Trade & Safety

JNY-105 Identify Materials

JNY-110 Identify Woodworking Joints

JNY-115 Apply Layout Techniques

JNY-120 Use Hand Tools

JNY-125 Use Portable Power Tools

JNY-130 Use Woodworking Machines

JNY-135 Use Assembly Techniques

JNY-140 Apply a Finish

JNY-145 Install Millwork

WJC-100 Drafting for Joinery/Cabinetmaking

WJC-120 Wood Products Design for Joinery /Cabinetmaking

WJC-130 Wood Finishing for Joinery/Cabinetmaking

WJC-150 Marine Joinery

Cabinetmaking Individual Learning Modules (ILM's) - One of two principal authors in writing the ILM's for the training of all four years of Cabinetmaking Apprentices in Alberta.

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