NIC School of Business Newsletter Spring 2018

MESSAGE FROM YOUR CHAIR - More business courses offered in Campbell River

It is an exciting time to be taking on the role of NIC’s School of Business chair. The department has seen significant growth in recent years. We will have more than 130 BBA graduates by the end of this academic year and increased business courses available in the summer semester. We are also adding more in-person instruction at our Campbell River campus with four first-year courses in fall 2018 and six (including two third-year courses) in winter 2019.

Former chair Bill Parkinson helped cement NIC’s reputation as a place where students could launch their careers, make industry contacts or further post-secondary training. I will continue to build on this foundation as I bring more business professionals on campus to connect with students. We will also be offering a wider range of electives, online, blended and in-person courses to make education more accessible in Campbell River and beyond.

I am always looking for opportunities for students to work with local businesses on meaningful projects such as product or service development, business cases or data analyis. If you have a suitable project, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you and encourage you to add me to your professional network on LinkedIn or email me at ali.mayboudi@nic.

Ali Mayboudi,
Chair, NIC School of Business

NIC School of Business Newsletter, Spring 2018