NIC in the News: Interest growing in Canada’s ‘other weed’

Dr Stephen Cross, industrial research chair for sustainable aquaculture at North Island College.

Dr.  Stephen Cross, NIC's industrial research chair for sustainable aquaculture, was recently featured in a story on Canada's other weed - seaweed.

The article describes a kelp-growing study by partners BC Salmon Farmers Association and NIC, which shows good potential in growing seaweed within salmon farm tenures. Forty-four fish farms are well suited to co-culture seaweed with salmon, Cross said. 

Cross adds there is “incredible production and market opportunity” in seaweed farming on the coast. The province has the most diverse seaweed species in the world — 633 in all; the province’s 20,000 km of coastline is physically diverse and has pristine water quality; and the province has a large Asian population, a ready market for seaweed. 

Cross believes consumer acceptance of seaweed in the West will boil down to marketing. “Asians have eaten it for thousands of years, it’s part of their culture and diet. Here, it’s ‘Eww, seaweed? It think it’s a matter of education,” he told Aquaculture North America (ANA).

Read the full article in  Aquaculture North America.

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