CARTI Seaweed Series - Kelp Seminar

CARTI is putting together a group of panelists for a Seaweed Series! 

Join us online for the Seaweed Series, where you can listen to industry members talk about their experience working with seaweed with 15 minutes of Q&A to follow. 

Tuesday January 17, 2023, we've invited Melissa Good and Tom Campbell. 

RSVP by emailing Logan Zeinert 

Melissa Good

Topic: A Site Assessment Toolkit to Improve Kelp Site Selection (15 minutes)

Melissa Good actively works as the Alaska Sea Grant Mariculture specialist with community members, industry, Alaska Native Tribes and Corporations, seafood processors, community leaders, and regulators to promote marine aquaculture in Alaska. 

Her recent work involved a “farm-to-table” project to connect Alaskan consumers to locally-grown oysters and seaweed products. Melissa has also developed educational mariculture materials, conducted a global market assessment to identify technology and equipment in primary processing and manufacturing of large volumes of seaweed. She's also established a National Sea Grant Seaweed Hub and a pilot seaweed farm in western Alaska, while simultaneously developing seaweed mariculture economic tools.

Tom Campbell

Topic: Green Gravel (15 minutes) 

Tom Campbell is the president and founder of West Coast Kelp Ltd. He spent the last three years growing kelp for academic and commercial applications. With a strong background in science and desire to explore creative solutions to overcome today’s global challenges, Tom is determined to see kelp forest restoration and seaweed aquaculture reach its full potential.

Q&A (15 minutes)


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