NIC bringing dual credit to Parksville/Qualicum

NIC math and science instructor Michael Willers will teach MAT-151 Finite Mathematics in Parksville/Qualicum, starting at the end of January. Registration is open now.

NIC is introducing face-to-face, dual credit offerings at high schools in School District No. 69, starting this January.

Dual credit courses allow high school students to earn college credit while still in high school. The courses are designed to run with the high school semester schedule.

“There are huge advantages for students taking dual credit,” said Lana Rahn, district career coordinator with SD69. “Not only can they earn credit, but they get a taste for what college is like and also can check off first year courses so they have a lighter course load when they transition to their first year of post-secondary.”

NIC will be offering two classes: MAT-151 Finite Mathematics and ENG-104 Foundations of Academic Writing.

This marks the first time dual credit courses from NIC will be offered with face-to-face instruction in Parksville/Qualicum high schools.

“We knew there was a demand for dual credit courses in the Qualicum area that wasn’t being met,” said Michael Willers, NIC mathematics instructor. “We chose these two courses because they’re useful to students no matter what area of study they’re going into.”

The English course will be taught by NIC English instructor and nationally recognized poet Jordan Scott, who won the 2018 Latner Writers’ Trust Poetry Prize, which recognized his body of work and contributions to Canadian poetry.

Scott is passionate about bridging the connection between high school and post-secondary education.

“I love going into the high schools and doing workshops with students,” he said. “I know how important mentorship and support is for young writers. I’m very excited to provide guidance and help them prepare for wherever their educational journey takes them next.”


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