Improve job prospects with NIC’s spring courses

Starting this spring, students can combine their liberal arts knowledge with relevant business skills in NIC’s condensed, six-week university transfer courses.

“There is a lot of research showing how important it is to align university credentials with job readiness,” said Diane Naugler, NIC’s dean of business and applied studies.

She points to seven key skills – problem solving, communication, social media, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance and accounting – that give students a competitive edge in today’s job market.

Starting this May, NIC will provide courses designed to give students returning home from UVic, VIU and universities across BC an opportunity to add these skills to their resumé.

Each course provides employable skills and university transfer credit. Current and new students can take advantage of NIC’s small class sizes, supportive instructors and lower tuition fees while reducing their course load at university next year.

Students choose from:

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (BUS-152) to learn a broad range of business skills, from developing a business plan to basic finance and marketing skills.
  • Effective Organizational Writing (ENG-160) to cultivate the effective writing, speaking, reading and listening skills needed to develop a dynamic career.
  • Introduction to Social Media (IMG-220) to explore social media platforms, channels and best practices to enrich business communication, marketing strategies and brand experiences.

All three courses are required curriculum in NIC’s Bachelor of Business Administration degree. They also serve as elective courses in many university degree programs across BC.

First-year student Daniel Giesbrecht plans to transfer to VIU for a Bachelor of Arts in English next fall. He is considering a career as a technical writer and says NIC is a great starting point.

“Effective Organizational Writing gave me tools to communicate clearly,” he said. “I learned to effectively navigate group dynamics even when everybody is not on the same page. We also learned how to put our soft skills into words that translate to employability, which is very helpful.”

NIC’s spring semester runs from May 1 to June 15, 2017. Exams take place in the week of June 17-24. For a full list of spring and summer courses, or to apply, visit

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