NIC Ingenuity on the Edge presents: a day in the life

NIC’s DIGITAL Design + Development programs invite you to experience a Day in the Life of an Enterprise UX Designer with industry expert Tom Keenoy.

Keenoy will lead the next Ingenuity on the Edge workshop, Friday, May 14 at 9:30 am.

The workshop will be a high-level overview of work practices at an enterprise software company, including organization and team structure, project lifecycle and planning, research methods & practices and tools & processes specific to UX work. 

“We’re thrilled to welcome Tom for this innovative workshop, examining the lifecycle of large-scale software builds,” said Ashley Blacquiere, NIC faculty member and series coordinator. “We’re excited for participants to learn what it means to bring UX techniques to bear on projects at enterprise scale. This is a unique opportunity for our small Island community.”

Keenoy joined the tech and design world during the dot com boom of the 1990s, and ran two successful boutique design studios before embarking on a new career phase in enterprise UX in 2019. He is currently a Senior Principle UX Designer for Secureworks, a subsidiary of Dell. He works remotely with a team of over 300 engineers, product managers and other designers building cutting edge cybersecurity software.

He also sits on the DIGITAL Design + Development advisory committee, which helps to inform curriculum development in the programs, ensuring students are on the leading-edge of the design and development industry.

“We’re incredibly grateful to Tom for all he does for our students and the strong industry connections he helps us foster between our students and local designers and developers,” said Blacquiere.

Led by the DIGITAL Design + Development faculty, the Ingenuity on the Edge virtual workshops bring together industry experts, students, faculty and members of the public to learn about the latest trends and technological improvements related to the field of user experience design, mobile app and software development, and digital marketing.

Along with sharing expertise, the workshops give NIC’s DIGITAL Design + Development students the opportunity to connect with industry contacts and see where careers in design and development can take them, noted Blacquiere.

NIC’s DIGITAL Design + Development programs focus on developing in-depth, employment-ready skills, teaching students to confidently design and code beautiful, highly functional digital products. Students can choose between the design stream, focusing on branding, graphic design and front-end web development, the development stream, focused on programming languages and tools for web and app development, or combine the two streams in the advanced diploma.

Ingenuity on the Edge: Tom Keenoy takes place Friday, May 14 from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. The workshop is free to attend. You can register at

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