NIC adds second opportunity to earn wildfire training in Campbell River

Be ready to work with BC wildfire crews in just 13 days, thanks to training at NIC’s Campbell River campus this April.

NIC is expanding its BC Wildfire Crew Member training with a new intake for students in Campbell River this April.

The added program provides more opportunity for students to qualify to work on wildfire crews across BC this summer.

The 13-day program runs April 9 to 25 in Campbell River, and is the second time the program has run this spring.

“This is one of the easiest ways to get industry certifications and qualifications you need to start working this summer,” said NIC wildfire instructor Henry Grierson.

“From important safety training to the technical aspects of how fires are suppressed, we cover how to use hand tools and power pumps, along with information about air support from helicopters and air tankers,” Grierson said.

Course certifications also include radio training and WHMIS. Teamwork will also be a major focus, said Grierson.

“One of the most important aspects of wildfire fighting is being able to work as a team and take direction,” he said. “Wildfire fighting is very goal oriented – you’re all working to get the fire out. You need to be comfortable working as a part of a team, and also with taking orders.”

Grierson noted the wildfire situation in BC last summer – the worst wildfire season on record – demonstrates how important it is to have trained and prepared people to call upon if needed.

“The BC Wildfire Service has a set number of crews and firefighters every season,” said Grierson. “If we have a very active fire season those crews are tapped out quickly. That’s when additional qualified crew are needed.”

The work is hard, but rewarding, said Grierson.

“It’s physically demanding work in terms of endurance rather than strength,” he said.

For more information, or to register, visit or call Sandy Rose at 250-923-9728.

Students can also register at the Student Registration Office on any NIC campus.

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