NIC in the News: Opportunities for all: John Bowman on BC Colleges Day

An article by John Bowman, president of North Island College and board chair of BC Colleges. 

NIC President John Bowman speaks in Victoria as part of BC Colleges Day 2019

From artificial intelligence and advanced robotics to big data and self-driving vehicles, disruptive technologies both stir the imagination and threaten to reshape our economy.

It is an exciting time, fuelled by innovation and creativity. Yes, some jobs are being displaced but many more are being created. While we can’t predict tomorrow’s breakthroughs, education leaders at British Columbia’s colleges are focused on the future.

To ensure lifelong success, we are adapting to the rapidly changing shifts, tailoring educational programs to economic needs, and fostering applied research and innovation.

For us, it’s about developing talented, innovative and adaptable learners. With nearly a million job vacancies to fill over the coming decade in British Columbia, today’s learners will be the ones moving our economy forward.

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