NIC nursing students raising awareness of health impacts of technology

Celling Your Soul’ looks at the digitally-immersed social lives of young people – and the damage to wellness that can result. Photo credit: Bullfrog Communities.

Join NIC’s Global Learning Initiative on Wednesday, March 13 for a screening of Celling Your Soul — an award-winning documentary that analyzes the impact of electronic devices on young people.

Celling Your Soul consists of interviews with 18 to 24-year-olds, the first ‘digitally socialized’ generation, for whom texting has largely replaced phone calls and sharing on Facebook has replaced sharing in person.

The cultural impact of that shift and what can be done about it is the question at the heart of the film, which featured in the official selection of the NYC Independent Film Festival. The film was awarded ‘Best Documentary’ at the 2015 Boston International Kids Film Festival and the 2016 Directors Chair Film Festival.

The evening is hosted by NIC's Global Learning Initiative, a student-driven project which fosters awareness of global issues through partnerships with local communities and individuals.

The immersion of digital technology in modern life is increasingly a topic of concern.

GLI organizer and NIC nursing student Lydia Hardy said the film asks important questions about the increasingly prominent role of technology in our lives and the implications of that shift.

“There is a growing amount of evidence that links excessive screen time to issues that can significantly impact our health and quality of life,” said Hardy. “A few examples are insufficient sleep, childhood obesity and anxiety. We are hoping the screening will provoke a broader discussion.”

The film is directed by author, educator and consultant Joni Siani, who also wrote a book by the same title exploring the issue.

Siani is also the founder of the No App for Life campaign, which challenges participants to opt out of using their phones or devices for seven days and keep a journal outlining their anxiety level and thoughts and feelings throughout the experience. For more information on the film and the campaign, visit at

The screening starts at 6:30 pm in the Stan Hagen Theatre at NIC’s Comox Valley campus. Doors open at 6 pm. Admission is by donation to the Global Learning Initiative. Fair trade coffee and chocolate are also available for purchase at the event.

For more details on the screening, contact Lynne Oberik at 250-334-5061 or email

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