NIC Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day is an important day to honour and listen to residential school survivors and remember those that were lost due to oppressive educational systems.

Click here to learn about NIC's Orange Shirt Day 2021 and the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

At NIC recognize that as an educational institution we have a responsibility to honour, respect, and support Indigenous cultures and identities as we move towards a future of reconciliation and hope.

In recognition of Orange Shirt Day, we are honouring the voices of Indigenous members of the NIC community and highlighting ways in which non-Indigenous members of the NIC community also work to celebrate and support Indigenous cultures and identities. Whether it is in student services, program initiatives or partnerships with various Indigenous communities, we are working to make education accessible, respectful and welcoming to Indigenous peoples.

“Today is a day to honour and remember residential school survivors and their families. We must also remember those children that never made it and are no long with us. Today is a day for survivors to tell their stories and for us to listen with open hearts.” - Phyllis Webstad.


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Listen to Survivors' Stories

Phyllis Webstad- Orange Shirt Day Presentation

Eddy Charlie shares. Eddy is a residential school survivor who started Victoria Orange Shirt Day. Watch his video.  

Virtual Events and Videos

Free Orange Shirt Day Online Classroom (Exploring the New Orange Shirt Day Book)

Xe Xe Smun’eem, Victoria Orange Shirt Day  | Xe Xe Smun’eem (Sacred Children) Victoria Orange Shirt Day Video

Orange Shirt Day Story with Phyllis Webstad Hosted by UBC 


History of Orange Shirt Day

The History of Orange Shirt Day

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Resources for Survivors

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