Pride Flag raising at the Mixalakwila campus

NIC will be raising our LGBTQ2+ PRIDE Flag at the Mixalakwila campus on June 14  at 12 pm with the help of the newly formed group Port Hardy Pride.

Following the flag raising and a barbeque lunch, we will be hosting a conversation about LGBTQ2+ Pride, led by Garth Holden, a local mental health worker and LGBTQ2+ ally who has worked for several years with PRIDE initiatives in the region.

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Read more about Port Hardy Pride Day in The North Island Eagle:

Port Hardy Pride Day to take place this August

By Kathy O’Reilly

Port Hardy will be feeling some pride this summer. Port Hardy Pride, a new community group in town, began meeting this past winter to organize events around LGBTQ2+ Pride.

Discussions about the creation of an annual Pride Day for Port Hardy as well as other Pride events began when North Island College and representatives from the ally-driven group Tri-Port Pride put a call out to community who were interested in creating and Pride-related initiatives.

From these discussions, the Port Hardy Pride group was born. Aside from organizing small events, such as a Pride t-shirt contest at Port Hardy High School this spring and a karaoke night in July, the group also brought a request to Port Hardy Council on April 23, asking them to proclaim an annual Pride Day in August. The Council proclaimed Aug. 17, or the third Saturday in August, Port Hardy’s annual Pride Day at their regular meeting May 28.

Since the group has discovered that the date conflicts with Orca Fest in Port McNeill, they are currently discussing the possibility of changing the date for this year.

Port Hardy Pride will be hosting several events throughout the summer season, leading up to a large event for Pride Day in August. The next event is scheduled for June 14, when a Pride flag will be raised at North Island College’s Mixalakwila campus.

To celebrate the raising of the flag, the college will host a barbeque followed by a facilitated conversation about LGBTQ2 + PRIDE.

The group is also working hard to plan and organize the big event for August.

“We have decided to organize this Pride Day because we feel that it is incredibly important to the town,” said Taylor Bos.

“Pride Days introduce the LGBQ2+ to the community at large in a welcoming, non-threatening, and fun environment,” Bos said.

Port Hardy and surrounding areas will have a chance to learn, ask questions, and have fun doing it.

“As well, people who identify as LGBTQ2+ have a chance to feel safe and celebrate their diversity in this beautiful town we call home,” Bos said.

“Seeing as we only just got approved by council, our concrete planning has only just begun,” Bos said.

The organizing committee has “many, many things in the works”, but don’t want to spill the beans until they are confirmed.

“What I can promise you, is that it will be fun, family friendly, drag performances will be involved, music, and copious amounts of glitter!”

As well as Pride Day in the park, the committee is organizing other events leading up to the day.