Truth and Reconciliation Dialogue: Reconciliation

Members of the NIC community are invited to a monthly 90-minute Dialogue through which we will find pathways to action.

The Truth and Reconciliation Dialogues are monthly 90-minute facilitated gatherings through which we will find pathways to action.

Our goal is to create spaces for constructive conversation centred around Reconciliation and Reconcili-Action.

Join us in this opportunity to gather, join in the dialogue, and listen to the perspectives of others in a culturally inclusive space. Joining our dialogues, will support our collective and/or individual commitment to action items identified during each gathering.

Dialogue 1 – Reconciliation: Wednesday, Jan. 12, 12-1:30 pm

  • What it means to move from Reconciliation to Reconcili-Action
  • Commemoration to Commitment
  • The secret ingredient to Reconciliation is decisive optimism, commitment, responsibility and personal as well as collective action!

Please also join us for future dialogues. You can find the complete list here.