Senior Education Team

The Senior Education Team (SET) is made up of senior educational positions at the College and members of the senior leadership team. SET provides educational direction and instructional program planning leadership on behalf of the College as delegated by the North Island College Board of Governors through the President.

Senior Education Team Members

Lisa Domae
Lisa Domae, Executive Vice President, Academic and Chief Operating Officer
Executive Assistant: Diana deWitt,
Tony Bellavia
Tony Bellavia, Associate Vice President, Access & Regions
Administrative Assistant: Laura Needham,
Neil Cruickshank
Neil Cruickshank, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Science & Technology
Administrative Assistant: Kristie Schrader,
Kathleen Haggith
Kathleen Haggith, Dean, Faculty of Health & Human Services
Administrative Assistant: Lisa Black,
Mark Herringer
Mark Herringer, Executive Director, International Education
Administrative Assistant: Markella Gionet,
Kathleen Kuhnert
Kathleen Kuhnert, Associate Vice-President, Student Services and Registrar
Administrative Assistant: Cindy Greenhill,
Lynne MacFadgen
Lynne MacFadgen, Regional Director, Continuing Education & Training
Continuing Education Assistant: Lorie Engstrom,
Diane Naugler
Diane Naugler, Dean, Faculty of Business and Applied Studies
(includes Business, Fine Art & Design, and Tourism & Hospitality)
Administrative Assistant: Jessica Paton,
Cheryl O’Connell
Cheryl O’Connell, Dean, Faculty of Trades & Technical Programs
Administrative Assistant: Tracy Parker,
Bill Parkinson
Bill Parkinson, Interim Dean, Enrolment Planning & International Education Integration
Kelly Shopland
Kelly Shopland, Director, Aboriginal Education
Project Analyst, Access & Regions: Amber Neumann,
Chris Udy
Chris Udy, Director, Trades & Technical Programs
Peggy Nelson
Peggy Nelson, Administrative Manager, Executive Vice President, Academic
Diana deWitt
Diana deWitt, Executive Assistant, FOIPOP Officer, Executive Vice President, Academic