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Training Initiatives Coming to North Island College

Are you unemployed with no attachment to EI in the last three years? If so, we may have a training initiative that is just right for you. This fall and winter season North Island College will offer the following training.

Prep Cook

Where: Port Alberni
When: September 12, 2016 – January 13, 2017


Coastal Forest Resources

Where: Port Alberni
When: November 28, 2016 – March 31, 2017


Enhanced Security Training

Where: Comox Valley
When: November 14, 2016 – December 9, 2016


Building Service Worker

Where: Port Alberni
When: January 16 – February 10, 2017


Coastal Forest Resource

Where: Port Hardy
When: March 13, 2017 – June 16, 2017


Enhanced Security Training

Where: Port Alberni
When: May 8, 2017 – June 5, 2017


Building Service Worker

Where: Campbell River
When: May 15, 2017 – June 9, 2017


To have your name added to our interest list please contact:

Campbell River: Wendy Samaroden @ or 250-923-9728.

Comox Valley: Karen McComber @ or 250-334-5000 Ext 4601.

Port Alberni: Leanne Moore @ or 250-724-8705.



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ECC Fall/Winter Courses: Work Toward BC Certification

Work toward your certification, maintain your current certification, gain credit for professional development and more with these upcoming ECC courses at NIC.

Fall 2016: Health Safety and Nutrition (ECC-168) 

NIC’s Early Childhood Care and Education program is pleased to offer Health Safety and Nutrition (ECC-168) at the Campbell River campus in fall 2016. This 30-hour course will take place on Monday evenings, 6 to  8 pm. The first class is scheduled for September 12, 2016.

Register today for this practical and informative course, recognized by the ECE Registry toward assistant certification and professional development hours.

Winter 2017: Foundations of Professional Practice (ECC-136)

This course provides an introduction to the commitment and responsibility involved in being an early childhood educator. It will be held Thursdays, 6-9pm with the first class scheduled for Jan 5, 2017. This is a campus-wide offering and will be held via Interactive TV. 

See full course description for more information, and to register. 

Learn more about the opportunities available for Community Care at North Island College, or contact Student Services with further questions at: or phone 1-800-715-0914.

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Comox Valley ElderCollege: Important Dates

Learn for fun, with no tests and no exams. North Island College's ElderCollege courses are for everyone, 55+. Nurture your lifelong love of learning with laughter, friendship and new knowledge. 

See all the Comox Valley ElderCollege courses available for Fall 2016.

Fall 2016

Event: Free Information Forum
Date: September 24, 2016
Time: 10 am
Location: Stan Hagen Theatre, Comox Valley campus

Event: Registration Begins
Date: September 26, 2016
Time: 9 am
Location: Online or in person at the Comox Valley campus

Event: First Lecture
Date: October 1, 2016
Time: 10 am
Location: Stan Hagen Theatre, Comox Valley campus

Event: First Courses
Date: October 3, 2016

Winter 2017

Event: Free Information Forum
Date: January 21, 2017
Time: 10 am
Location: Stan Hagen Theatre, Comox Valley campus

Event: Registration Begins
Date: January 23, 2017
Time: 9 am
Location: Online or in person at the Comox Valley campus

Event: First Lecture
Date: January 28, 2017
Time: 10 am
Location: Stan Hagen Theatre, Comox Valley campus

Event: First Courses
Date: January 30, 2017

For more information, email or call 250-334-5000 ext. 4602


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NIC Recreation Sports Nights

NIC Recreation Sports Nights are free for NIC students, with drop-in games every Thursday, 6pm to 7:30pm, alternating between indoor volleyball and indoor soccer.

Hosted by the Comox Valley Sports & Social Club, and co-sponsored by NISU, NIC, and NIC International.

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Write Here Reader Series:
English Faculty Reading & Open Mic

Join NIC's English faculty for an evening of public readings and an open mic, taking place Thursday, December 15, 2016 at the Comox Valley campus.

Come early and sign up for an open mic reading. You will be given five minutes to share your work. Everyone is welcome at this all ages event.

Where: Tyee Hall Lounge, Comox Valley Campus

When: 7 pm, Thursday December 15

Cost: Free

For more information, contact Judy Johnson at or 250-334-5000 ext. 4072.



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Coastal Forest Resource Program

This program is designed to prepare students to work in the Forest Industry in an entry level capacity. Health and safety in a forest environment, field skills necessary to work in the industry, environmental concerns, timber cruising knowledge and skills, and worksite readiness sessions are covered during the program.

When: November 28, 2016 - March 31, 2017
Where: Port Alberni Campus

This is a funded program so there are no costs to the student but there are eligibility criteria as outlined in the notice below.

For information about eligibility requirements contact Leanne Moore, Port Alberni Campus, at or phone 1-800-715-0914.


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16 Days of Activism Candlelight Walk in Port Alberni

Join us on December 5, 2016 in supporting the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign. This is an event to commemorate the 14 female students who lost their lives in Montreal, in 1989, at l'École Polytechnique de Montréal.

This year, NIC's Human Service Worker class in Port Alberni is organizing this walk, to focus on bringing together local members of the community. 

Date: Monday, December 5, 2016
Time: 4 pm starting with refreshments, snacks and guest speakers. Short candlelight walk will follow, to support victims of gender-based violence. 
Location: Campus cafeteria, North Island College, 3699 Roger Street, Port Alberni

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December Math Tutorials - Drop In or Skype

The Library & Learning Commons welcomes all NIC students to transform their self-perception of the value of math at work and at home, and develop practical and meaningful applications of mathematics that will benefit your success at school, at work and at home.

Tutorials take place at the Comox Valley campus Library and Learning Commons and via Skype at the Campbell River and Port Alberni Library and Learning Commons.

December Tutorials:

  • Tuesday, Dec. 6: 1 pm - 3 pm
  • Wednesday, Dec. 7: 11 am - 1 pm
  • Tuesday, Dec. 13: 1 pm - 3 pm
  • Wednesday, Dec 14: 11 am - 1 pm
  • Tuesday, Dec. 20: 1 pm - 3 pm
  • Wednesday, Dec. 21: 11 am - 1 pm

For more information and other resources available to NIC students at no cost visit the Library and Learning Commons website. 

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3-Hour Fiction Contest

Join other writers for the 3-Hour Fiction Contest, hosted by NIC at the Comox Valley campus. We'll give you an element or two that must appear in the story - a problem, a plot device, or character type - then in only three hours, you create an original story to wow the judges. Anyone can participate

Date: Sunday, December 11, 2016
Time: 1 pm - 4 pm
Location: Tyee Hall Rm 114, Comox Valley campus, 2300 Ryan Road

* Registration deadline is December 10, 4:30pm

To register, or for more information contact Steve Schoenhoff at 250-334-5094. 



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Kwak'wala Language Course: Jan 2017
Mount Waddington Campus

North Island College will be offering a provincial-level introduction to Kwak'wala Language course (KWA 096) at the Mount Waddington campus in Port Hardy, beginning January 2017.

Students will learn basic conversation, structure and pronunciation in a Kwak'wala language immersion setting with a focus on listening and speaking. Fluent elders will be involved in teaching this course.

When: Jan. 4 - Apr. 5, 2017
Time: Wednesday nights, from 5 pm - 8 pm
Where: Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre, Port Hardy
Course code: KWA-096

See course details and registration information.

Kwak'wala Instructor On CBC

NIC instructor Sara Child teaches Kwak'wala to CBC host Gregor Craigie! This course is open to anyone who wants to better understand the language and culture.

Listen to the CBC interview now!

Language and Healing Logo (Right)

This logo I designed for students learning our language. The tree, in the middle, is the cedar tree; our tree of life. It represents, the Hase’, the breath of our ancestors. The roots of the tree are those who are learning our language. This depicts the understanding that our Hase', our language, depends on each and every one of us for survival. Each of us must become more knowledgeable with the language. This will increase the longevity and lifespan of our Hase’ and bring forth a time of healing for all of our people. Healing is deeply rooted to the breath of our ancestors and reconnecting to all that we are. True healing can only be found in the revitalization of our languages. In the design the roots transform into the eagles wings, this stands for the journey we are taking and how we are taking flight with the Hase’. We are taking flight with our language into the revival of our culture and our heritage.

I originally drew the design for the people in my own community who are taking teacher training and taking up the challenge of language revitalization. But, now I see it’s much broader than that. The fight to revitalize our languages, is a fight for all Indigenous people, for language revitalization will be healing for all mankind and mother earth. I dedicate this design to anyone who wishes to commit to learning our languages.

- Rejean Child

Do you want to know more about studying at NIC's Mount Waddington campus? Visit our MW campus page or contact Student Services directly at: 250-949-7912, email:

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Professional Cook Program in Port Alberni

Be in demand. The BC 2024 Labour Economic Outlook predicts chefs will be one of the most in-demand occupational groups requiring post-secondary training in BC, with more than 4,300 job openings available to 2024.

Start your career as a Professional Cook in Port Alberni, January 2017, while honing your skills in our state of the art training facilities.

Date: January 30, 2017 - August 11, 2017
Location: Port Alberni campus, Culinary Arts building, Rm 118
Times: Mon-Fri, 8am - 3:30 pm

More details on Professional Cook 1 (PCA 100)

Questions about the Professional Cook program at NIC? Visit the Culinary Arts program page or watch this video featuring the Port Alberni culinary arts kitchen. You can also contact for more information.



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Metal Jewellery Design Certificate Info Session

Graduates of this program pursue employment within the jewellery industry, or operate their own business or studio workshop. 

Attend a free information session to learn about NIC's Metal Jewellery Design Certificate and part-time courses. Meet instructors, ask questions, and discover the field of jewellery making and design.

Admission is free, registration is required to attend so visit the course information to register online.

Date: February 23, 2017
Time: 6:30 pm - 8 pm
Location: Metal Jewellery Studio (Rm D209), Campbell River campus

For more information contact Julia Peters at or call: 250-923-9724.