Registration Glossary

When you are planning your education and registering for classes, there are specific terms and deadlines you need to know. To help you succeed, academic deadlines (key dates) are posted so you know the key dates in the academic year. The terms below will help you understand what those key dates mean, along with other terms you’ll come across when registering.

Registration Period

The period of time during which you can register or drop courses without penalties; generally this starts in May for the following September. The registration period for your program can be found in the academic deadlines (key dates).

Add/Drop Period

The period of time between the start of term and the end of the registration period, during which you can add and drop a course without academic or financial penalty.

Withdrawing from Courses

Removing a course from your timetable after the end of the registration period, but before the withdraw deadline. You will not incur academic penalties, but will also not be eligible for a refund.


If the course you want to take is full, you can place yourself on the waitlist to see if a spot opens up. It is recommended that waitlisted students attend classes during the first week to keep up-to-date in case a seat becomes available. If space becomes available, students will be automatically registered in courses from the waitlist and should check their NIC email address for updates.


A prerequisite course is a course that must be taken before a student can take more advanced courses in the discipline. Course prerequisites ensure that applicants have the education and experience required for successful course completion. Unless otherwise specified in the program section of the calendar, prerequisite courses require a letter grade of C or better.


A student that does not show up on the first day of class may be deregistered from the course. If you want to take a course, but are unable to attend the first day, you should notify your instructor to avoid being dropped. If you don’t show up for a course but are still registered, you will be responsible for the fees and a Did Not Complete (DNC) will be placed on your transcript with a grade point of 0.


Auditing a course means you will attend classes and complete the course work, but will not receive academic credit for it. You must still pay for the course, but you do not need to meet the prerequisites in order to audit.

See Policy 4-09 Registration Policy for more information.