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CREC-0001-CRS1 CR Apr 30 $10.00


Lapidary Skills

Instructor: Steve Cooley. Learn how to safely use each piece of lapidary equipment in Ripple Rock Gem and Mineral club's shop. The shop has a large slab saw, 2 smaller trim saws, several grinder and polisher sets, drill press, and several polish wheels. The goal is to start with a small slab of rock, use a template to mark a standard shape of a standard size on it, trim excess material away with a trim saw, grind it to the desired size and shape, then polish it. In the course of grinding and polishing the small slabs of rock, some rock properties and types will be explored. Basic collecting and identifying of rocks will be demonstrated.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-1240-CRS1 CR Nov 13-Nov 22 $30.00


ElderCollege Spelling Bee

Facilitator: Ed Cooper and Annemarie Rodger. Are you fond of mellifluous verbiage? Test your wits and exercise your brain cells at the fifth annual Campbell River ElderCollege Spelling Bee! This event is free to all ElderCollege members but pre-registration is required.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-2307-CRS1 CR Sep 25  


The Fate of Journalism

Take a look back at journalism in a large segment of the eastern, rural part of England and in Campbell River, through the eyes of area journalist Quentin Dodd. What was it and what has it become with the advent of radio, television, and the world wide web! What fate has it suffered? There will be time allowed for a robust group discussion. Instructor: Quentin Dodd

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-2368-CRS1 CR Nov 6-Nov 20 $30.00


Tax Issues for Seniors

Instructor: Susan Innes, CPA, CGA. Susan will explain the Disability Tax Credit, how it works, and the procedure to apply for it and backdate it. There will be information regarding medical expenses - what you are able to claim, attendant care and nursing home expenses and discussion on the sensitive topic of how to ease the tax burden when you die.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-3526-CRS1 CR Nov 21 $10.00


Getting to Know Your Android Phone

You have an Android phone that lets you stay in touch with your friends and family. Did you know that what you really have is a handheld computer? Come and get acquainted with the power of your Android smart phone...who provides service, which plan is best for your needs, how does cell technology work? Learn how to adjust your phone settings, install some apps, customize your phone screen, and more. Instructor: Bob Bray

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-4014-CRS1 CR Oct 3-Oct 24 $30.00


Android Explorer

Are you ready to explore your Android phone now that you have gotten to know it and are familiar with its settings, apps, screen layout, service provider and your voice/data account? We will explore transferring photos from your phone to your desktop or laptop; copying songs from a CD to your phone; printing; emailing; using voice commands and connecting with Bluetooth devices. Instructor: Bob Bray

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-4015-CRS1 CR Nov 14-Nov 28 $30.00


Introduction to 3D Printing

3D Printing-What's All the Noise About? Facilitator: Roger Jennings. Come and see what 3D printing is about. How it works, what it does and see if there is anything in it for you? Roger has learned enough to be dangerous and feels that there is something very interesting for seniors. This is more a show and tell but hopefully can build to something bigger.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-4071-CRS1 CR Oct 2 $10.00


Impressive Presentations

This course is designed for new users who want to create electronic presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. In this course, students will explore the basics of electronic presentations: how to add/modify text, themes, music, graphical objects, animation and special effects to create an impressive slide show. Instructor: Wendy Samaroden

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-4120-CRS1 CR Oct 22-Nov 5 $30.00


Windows 10 for Dummies

New systems come with Windows 10 installed. Are you confused about how to search, find your settings, move tiles around your screen? Join us as we discover how to operate efficiently in the new Windows 10 environment. Presenter: Wendy Samaroden.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-4318-CRS1 CR Oct 15 $10.00


Yoga for Seniors

Instructor: Vivian Pickard. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of Yoga - breathing, stretching and relaxation using various approaches. Through gentle stretches and movement, you will release stiffness and tension, and begin to improve flexibility, posture and balance. We do not sit on the floor for long periods of time. Please bring your own mat.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5410-CRS1 CR Sep 27-Oct 4 $20.00


Five Minute Mind Body Fitness

Instructor: Bev O'Sullivan, retired Integrative Physiotherapist. Dr. Keith Jeffery's fitness program uses various exercise techniques which incorporate the concepts of Tai Chi, yoga, Feldenkrais, visualization, breathing, posture, anatomy and physics. These exercises, which can be done standing or sitting, will help to increase your focus and concentration. And they are fun to do!

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5450-CRS1 CR Sep 28-Oct 5 $20.00


Making Your Money Last

There are ten principles for living in retirement. This seminar has been designed to help individual investors successfully transition into and live their life in retirement. Aspects of estate planning will be included. Facilitator: Kim Emsley-Leik.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5708-CRS1 CR Nov 15 $10.00


Hospice Services in Your Neighbourhood

Have you, or someone you know, been diagnosed with a life limiting illness? Campbell River Hospice Society offers many programs to assist you through this difficult transition. Join the group to learn about their programs in Palliative Care; Bereavement, Hospital and Hospice Visiting Teams, Complementary Therapies, Vigil Response, Grief Counselling and Support, Companioning, Education, and Workshops.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5757-CRS1 CR Nov 15  


Advance Care Planning

Instructor: Geri Arkell. You've done your will, planned your estate, but have you thought about your health care decisions? If you were in a major accident today, would your family know what YOUR wishes are for the end of life care? Having "the Talk" with our families and writing the plan will be the best gift you can give them.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5765-CRS1 CR Oct 3-Oct 10  


End of Life Issues - the Conversations

Instructor: Dr. Helen Hays. Join Dr. Helen Hays for informative discussions on topics related to Palliative Care. Bring your questions as you search for answers relating to new legislation in Canada regarding medical assistance in dying (MAID), marijuana in medicine, visiting the sick, approaching friends that have received an upsetting diagnosis, and bereavement - what is normal?

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5767-CRS1 CR Oct 31-Nov 14 $30.00


Spirituality: An Exploration

There have been two massive cultural shifts in our lifetimes - a general decline of interest in organized religion, and an exponential growth of interest in spirituality and spiritual practices. We'll discuss why these shifts have occurred, and explore the meaning of this often used but misunderstood term 'Spirituality' from various perspectives. You will be encouraged to define this term for yourself and how it might apply to your life. Instructor: Murray Etty

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5853-CRS1 CR Oct 4-Oct 25 $30.00


Travelogue, the Series

What could be better than a month in Paris, a journey to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a Bike & Barge Tour along the Dutch and Belgian Canal systems from Amsterdam to Brugesa, a tour of Ireland, a cruise through the Panama Canal, Ecuador, Peru, or a visit to Guatemala, an intoxicating adventure for both the jaded and novice traveler? Round out your adventures with a coach tour through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. Coordinator: Sue Vickery

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5970-CRS1 CR Oct 12-Nov 16 $30.00


Journey Through the Atlantic

Presenters: Doug and Cathy Hoodikoff. Travel with Doug and Cathy as they take a coach tour that included stopovers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. Join the adventure through Halifax, Peggy's Cove, Lunenburg, Hopewell Cape, Charlottetown, Cape Breton, and a six hour ferry to Newfoundland. Visit Port-aux-Basques, Cornerbrook, Gros Morne National Park, St. Anthony, L'Anse aux Meadows, Gander, Terra Nova National Park, Cape Spear, and St. John's.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5971-CRS1 CR Nov 16 $10.00


Medieval Building Guide

Get primed for Europe - this is a spotter's guide so that you get more out of your trip. Presenter: Erik Mairs.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5973-CRS1 CR Oct 19 $10.00



Ooooh la la - what could be better than a month in Paris? Jodi Cohen will share memories and photos of the time she spent in this glorious city in October 2017. Instructor: Jodi Cohen

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5982-CRS1 CR Oct 12 $10.00


Cruising Panama and Chile

Roger and Jane fulfilled a life long plan and took a cruise from Miami to Santiago Chile via Columbia, the Panama Canal, Ecuador, Peru. To wind it up, they stayed for a week in Santiago and a week in San Jose, Costa Rica. Please come and join them to relive this excellent cultural experience. Presenters: Roger and Jane Jennings

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5997-CRS1 CR Nov 2 $10.00


Belgium and Ireland

Join us for a Bike & Barge Tour along the Dutch and Belgian Canal systems from Amsterdam to Bruges. Following this we will tour Ireland. Not only is there spectacular scenery on the Emerald Isle but Pub visits offer a taste of Celtic music and culture. Instructors: George and Susan Wagner.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5998-CRS1 CR Oct 26 $10.00


Guatemala and Central America

With its diverse indigenous culture, rich Maya heritage and colonial charm, Guatemala is an intoxicating adventure for both the jaded and novice traveler. See this fascinating area of the world through the eyes of Margaret and Chris.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5999-CRS1 CR Nov 9 $10.00


Canada and the Antipodes

New Zealand and Australia... what are the similarities and differences in our forms of government, culture and economic governance? Explore the geography and delve into the great wine regions in both countries. See these countries through the eyes of a 35-year resident of the 'land down under'. Instructor: Bob Hillier

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6224-CRS1 CR Oct 3-Oct 17 $30.00


Aboriginal Regalia

Join our Campbell River Elder in Residence to gain insights in to the various garments and adornments worn or passed through time by the varied aboriginal cultures of Canada. Instructor: Daryle Mills

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6236-CRS1 CR Oct 1  


Cryptic Crosswords

Looking for an interesting and challenging pastime? Learn to interpret and enjoy solving the clues in cryptic crosswords through identifying the riddles, applying some simple rules, and practicing. Instructors: Malcolm and Sally Wilson.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6240-CRS1 CR Oct 17-Oct 24 $20.00


Bridge - Next Steps

This series of four sessions will allow you to develop some of the more advanced methods in bidding and playing of bridge hands. Each session will have some didactic explanations and will be followed by play of hands related to points discussed. The introductory course is recommended for beginners before taking this series. Instructor: Michael Moskovich

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6249-CRS1 CR Nov 16-Dec 7 $30.00


Introduction to Bridge

This course is designed for absolute beginners; those who have never played bridge. Not only will you learn the rules of play but you will get to practice your new skills. Instructor: Michael Moscovich.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6250-CRS1 CR Oct 12-Nov 2 $30.00


Darwin to DNA

Darwin did not start the discussion on evolution, but by stating a few easily understandable principles he gave us a framework for discussion and further research. Studying human evolution has posed some unique challenges. Where are we headed? Instructor: Erik Mairs

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6302-CRS1 CR Oct 2-Oct 30 $30.00


Heart of the Matter

Instructor: Sandra Milligan. Know someone with heart problems? Curious about what is going on? Come out to dissect a fresh pig heart and see the inner workings of our most indefatigable organ. Learn basic heart anatomy, and then cut into fresh pig hearts to see all the structures and their functions. Learn about how hearts beat so regularly, and listen to your heart with high quality stethoscopes. Lub dup! The tuition includes all supplies and personal protective equipment to conduct the hands-on learning portion of the class.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6307-CRS1 CR Sep 21 $16.00


Current Events Discussion Group

Facilitator: Quentin Dodd. A lively discussion on current news stories of interest; local and provincial matters that directly affect our community and national and international issues that are hitting the headlines. Reporter and freelance writer Quentin Dodd will moderate and suggest some topics to get us started. Then we will decide on further subjects to explore and debate.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6430-CRS1 CR Oct 4-Nov 8 $30.00


Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness practice enables us to live more fully in the present moment. That, in turn, decreases our anxiety about the future and enables us to live our lives more peacefully and with clarity. During the six sessions, we will learn about how to be mindful in everyday life, which results in feeling less pressured, more compassionate and able to enjoy the beauty of our daily activities. The sessions will consist of an opening discussion period, followed by two or three mindful meditations focusing on different aspects each week. The importance of the breath and breathing with intention will be highlighted. Instructor: Jane Jennings

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6612-CRS1 CR Oct 2-Nov 6 $30.00


Assessing Your Property Tax Valuation

One of the factors that determines the amount of your property tax is the value of your property. This value is estimated by professional appraisers. This course will show you how appraisers value property, whether it is for mortgage financing, litigation, expropriation etc. The emphasis will be on valuation for property tax purposes. By the end of the course you will have the tools and knowledge to challenge any real property appraisal. You will know how to ensure your tax assessment is fair and successfully appeal your assessment if necessary.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-7011-CRS1 CR Oct 25-Nov 8 $30.00


On the Go with Mobility Scooters

Is balance an issue for you? Has the time come for you to consider purchasing a mobility scooter? This course will introduce you to these vehicles and help you make an informed decision as to how they will fit into your life. We will look into the history of mobility scooters and learn how to ride them, along with safety concerns. Legalities such as rules of the road, insurance, parking and licensing will be covered, as well as how to maintain your vehicle and keep it running at top performance. Instructor: Blake Nobles

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-8205-CRS1 CR Sep 29 $10.00


On the Go with eBikes

Have you thought about incorporating an eBike into your lifestyle? This course will introduce you to electric assisted bikes and electric scooters and help you make an informed decision as to how they would fit into your life. We will look into the history of power-assisted bicycles and learn about how to ride them, along with safety concerns. Legalities such as rules of the road, insurance, parking and licensing will be convered, as well as how to maintain your vehicle and keep in running at top performance. Instructor: Blake Nobles

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-8207-CRS1 CR Oct 13 $10.00


Strata -The Basics

Come and explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of strata living. Downsizing to a condominium/ strata property has positives and negatives. This is an overview concerning what you give up and what you gain. Mike will explain the difference between renting, owning a home, and owning a strata property. Topics include how strata property legislation governs strata living, who pays for what, insurance issues, privacy legislation and the Civil Resolution Tribunal. (CRT) Instructor: Mike Naish

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-8740-CRS1 CR Oct 24-Nov 7 $20.00