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Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-0001-CRS1 CR Apr 30 $10.00


Lapidary Skills

Instructor: Steve Cooley. Learn how to safely use each piece of lapidary equipment in Ripple Rock Gem and Mineral club's shop. The shop has a large slab saw, 2 smaller trim saws, several grinder and polisher sets, drill press, and several polish wheels. The goal is to start with a small slab of rock, use a template to mark a standard shape of a standard size on it, trim excess material away with a trim saw, grind it to the desired size and shape, then polish it. In the course of grinding and polishing the small slabs of rock, some rock properties and types will be explored. Basic collecting and identifying of rocks will be demonstrated.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-1240-CRS1 CR Feb 12-Feb 21 $30.00


Carpentry 101 for Seniors

Join Dan to learn the principles of working safely, and the practical techniques that will allow you to construct an introductory level project. Tuition fee includes a supply fee.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-1260-CRS1 CR Feb 15-Mar 1 $55.00


Carpentry 101 - Oh Canada

Get ready to display your Canada Day project. Join Dan in the workshop to construct a rustic Canadian flag just in time for the holiday. Only basic carpentry skills are required. Instructor: Dan Stevenson

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-1261-CRS1 CR Jun 7-Jun 14 $30.00


Watercolor: Backlt Forests/Wthrd Barns

In this course, techniques will be used to create sunrays streaming through backlit forests, and adding texture using pen, ink and watercolour to represent weathered old barns. There will be demonstrations and lots of opportunities for practice. This course is intended for those who have experience painting with watercolours. A supply list will be made available prior to start of the course. Instructor: Marilyn Foos

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-1526-CRS1 CR Apr 13-May 11 $30.00


Life in Poetry

Instructor: Nicole Girard. Explore your inner poet! Learn various poetry forms such as Sonnet, Villanelle, Rhyme Royal and more! Students will receive two handouts per week; one outlining each form with a step-by-step technique for writing it and another about the craft of writing poetry. This course gives students time to write and share their work and to begin the editing process.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-2350-CRS1 CR Jan 21-Mar 18 $30.00


The Fate of Journalism

Take a look back at journalism in a large segment of the eastern, rural part of England and in Campbell River, through the eyes of area journalist Quentin Dodd. What was it and what has it become with the advent of radio, television, and the world wide web! What fate has it suffered? There will be time allowed for a robust group discussion. Instructor: Quentin Dodd

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-2368-CRS1 CR Mar 14-Mar 28 $30.00


Lightroom for Senior Photographers

Learn how to edit, organize, store, and share your photographs. You will explore editing controls, light adjustments, cropping and adjusting perspective, and more with Adobe Lightroom. Instructor: Jos Krynen

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-2776-CRS1 CR Feb 4-Mar 18 $30.00


Fundamentals of Investing

This class is geared to people who are either new to investing or need a refresher.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-3500-CRS1 CR Feb 5 $10.00


Stocks - The Nuts and Bolts

This class teaches basic information to help investors evaluate if stocks fit into their overall strategy. We will discuss common versus preferred stock, dividends, investment strategy and different ways to own stock.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-3503-CRS1 CR Feb 19 $10.00


A Smart Start to Mutual Funds

This class offers individuals a foundational knowledge of mutual funds and introduces the features of mutual funds and the process of selecting an appropriate fund.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-3507-CRS1 CR Feb 26 $10.00


Focus on Fixed Income

This class covers bond characteristics and features, as well as key strategies to get the most out of one's fixed income investments.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-3520-CRS1 CR Feb 12 $10.00


Excel Level I for Seniors

Instructor: Heiner Schwarz. This course is designed to introduce students to Microsoft's powerful spreadsheet program. Students will learn basic spreadsheet techniques. Previous experience with Excel is not required, but students should be familiar with the Windows operating system. Students should have access to Excel 2007 (or newer) on a Windows platform. Please bring a flash drive to class.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-4420-CRS1 CR Jan 21-Feb 6 $30.00


Microsoft Excel Level II for Seniors

This course will focus on how to use Excel to build robust spreadsheet solutions for personal financial management. Building on the basic skills learned in the Excel Level I, participants will learn some useful new functions and will build a financial management workbook that can easily be modified to fit individual needs. Students should have taken the Excel Level I course or have equivalent experience. Instructor: Heiner Schwarz

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-4421-CRS1 CR Feb 11-Mar 4 $30.00


Crime Prevention for Seniors

Ron will provide tips, recommendations and strategies to make you safer in your home, in the community and when you travel. As well, topics will include internet security, scams and fraud directed at seniors. Instructor: Cpl. Ron Vlooswyk

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5005-CRS1 CR Jan 24  


Beaver Lodge Wlk: Stries of this Land

Do you love the Beaver Lodge Lands, or have you always wanted to go there but didn't know how to get around? Have a walk with Sandra Milligan, President of Greenways Land Trust and long-term member of the Beaver Lodge Trust Committee. Hear and share the many stories of the Beaver Lodge Lands: trail and stream stewardship projects, signage, and how not to get lost in the woods. Learn the stories of the most common species that you'll encounter while walking in the woods. Facilitator: Sandra Milligan

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5554-CRS1 CR Mar 13 $10.00


Advance Care Planning

Instructor: Geri Arkell. You've done your will, planned your estate, but have you thought about your health care decisions? If you were in a major accident today, would your family know what YOUR wishes are for the end of life care? Having "the Talk" with our families and writing the plan will be the best gift you can give them.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5765-CRS1 CR Mar 6-Mar 13  


Exploring the Northwest Passage

Explore the Northwest Passage with Frobisher and Franklin. Find out about military relations with other countries. Delve into the industry of the area. See what has been happening and what is coming up for this vital transportation route in the Canadian north. Instructor: Bob Hillier

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5936-CRS1 CR Feb 20-Mar 6 $30.00


A Tale of Old Gold River

The Gold River Museum and Archives Society have prepared a video presentation and interpretive walk of the Gold River area. Described in the newspapers of the time as a "saga of the wild lifted from pages of fiction" this dramatic story unfolds in what was then called Gold River country during the "Hungry Thirties". Transportation to and from Gold River and lunch will be included. Unfortunately, the walk is not handicap accessible.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6233-CRS1 CR Apr 17 $60.00


A Pebble Geology Story

Dixon Edwards and Jon Ackroyd. Local pebbles help explain the geology of our region. We will identify the type and abundance of our pebbles, connect them to their bedrock source and finally consider when (geologically), how and where on earth this bedrock source originated!

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6323-CRS1 CR Mar 21-Mar 28 $30.00


Canada Geese in the CR Estuary

Facilitator: Cynthia Bendickson. Cynthia grew up in Campbell River and on Hardwicke Island. She is currently the Executive Director of Greenways Land Trust in Campbell River. Canada goose populations have increased substantially throughout North America since the early 1990s, and the population in the Campbell River Estuary has mirrored this growth. This talk will explore what is causing this increase, the impact it is having on estuary habitats, management options, and the principles of ethical wildlife control.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6370-CRS1 CR Jan 25 $10.00


Think About It

Sweep out the cobwebs from your brain and come listen and think about things in our world today. A different speaker each week will present a topic and time will be allowed for questions and discussion. There will be lots of food for thought and our diverse selection of provocative speakers is sure to give you lots to ponder and "think about".

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6425-CRS1 CR Feb 8-Mar 8 $30.00


Current Events Discussion Group

Facilitator: Quentin Dodd. A lively discussion on current news stories of interest; local and provincial matters that directly affect our community and national and international issues that are hitting the headlines. Reporter and freelance writer Quentin Dodd will moderate and suggest some topics to get us started. Then we will decide on further subjects to explore and debate.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6430-CRS1 CR Jan 31-Mar 7 $30.00


Campbell River Museum Presents

Join two of your favourite presenters from the Campbell River Museum to explore the past, present and future of the protected Beaver Lodge Lands. Instructors: Norm Lee and Danny Brown

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6511-CRS1 CR Mar 26-Apr 9 $30.00


Emergency Preparedness

Would you know how to help yourself and those you love before and after a disaster? What are the real threats to the Strathcona Region? Be prepared! Know the risks and make a plan. Instructor: Shaun Koopman

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6915-CRS1 CR Feb 5 $10.00
CREC-6915-CRS2 CR Mar 19 $10.00


Batch Cooking for Seniors

Instructor: Matt MacDonald, Executive Chef. Save energy, time and money by employing the principles of batch cooking. In this class we will do three comfort food recipes that will introduce you to the 'how to' of converting your own favorite recipes into freezer ready dinners for those days when you do not want to think about making a dinner from scratch.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-7255-CRS1 CR Mar 9 $20.00


Knife Skills for Seniors

Have you ever wondered how to select the correct knife for the job, maintain your knives properly, sharpen your knives for ease of use and safety, and cut more efficiently? Join this Red Seal Chef for a session in the kitchen and learn to cut like a pro. Bring your own knives to class! Instuctor: Matt MacDonald

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-7290-CRS1 CR Mar 2 $10.00


Back Yard Beekeeping

Instructor: Tom Kruesel. This introductory workshop offers participants a brief introduction to the art of backyard beekeeping for beginners. Starting with a general history and the structure of the colony, discover the physiology of the honeybee, the different types of bees in the colony, basic equipment, honey bee nutrition, swarming and control methods. We will talk about how we, as individuals in our community, can support the pollinators that are responsible for aiding in the production of 1 out of every 3 bites of food we take. We will also tour a backyard hive later in the spring (date TBD) and see first hand many of the things we have talked about. Tom has kept bees in his back yard for three years now and has inspired several friends to take up the past-time. He is the Vice President of the Comox Valley Beekeepers Club and loves to share his passion for bees with others.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-7915-CRS1 CR Mar 15-Apr 30 $20.00


On the Go with eBikes

Have you thought about incorporating an eBike into your lifestyle? This course will introduce you to electric assisted bikes and electric scooters and help you make an informed decision as to how they would fit into your life. We will look into the history of power-assisted bicycles and learn about how to ride them, along with safety concerns. Legalities such as rules of the road, insurance, parking and licensing will be convered, as well as how to maintain your vehicle and keep in running at top performance. Instructor: Blake Nobles

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-8207-CRS1 CR Mar 16 $10.00