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Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-0001-CVS1 CV Apr 30 $10.00

Introduction to Scratchboard


Scratchboard is a black-and-white-art medium that uses a scratching tool on the black-ink surface of a clay-coated board/paper. Using two scratching tips, we will explore methods of mark making, creating textures, hatching, and crosshatching, and complete a small scratchboard project. All course materials are provided. $8 in materials cost is added at registration. HEATHER SOOS

Artist Talk 1: Heather Soos


Heather Soos will lead you through her artistic journey, from her childhood drawings & aspiration to become a wildlife artist to the present. Along with a slide show, she will talk about certain pieces, her creation process in various mediums, her difficulties, achievements and highlights, and how her husband, Frank, assists her. Frank will then discuss the technical process of reproducing Heather's art from capture to print. HEATHER/FRANK SOOS

Artist Talk 2: Kristina Campbell


We will view the film "The Other Emily" which I created for an exhibition at RBC Museum high-lighting the art of Emily Carr through the eyes of artist Manon Elder. This award winning feature length documentary has been screened at film festivals and art galleries across Canada and the US, including the Audain Gallery in Whistler and Beaverbrook Gallery in NB. An artist talk and Q&A will follow. KRISTINA CAMPBELL

Artist Talk 3: Sue Pyper


In this course Sue will show you how she combines natural world subjects on live edge wood to create unusual and organic compositions. She will lead you through her process from selection and preparation of the wood to finished piece. You will see what motivates and inspires her and how you can tap into that creative flow. SUE PYPER

Animated Films Around the Globe


Animation movies aren't just for children; in fact, several excellent films are made for adults. Animated films are created not just in Pixar Studios but all around the world. We will be showing and discussing six different films: Japan's Grave of the Fireflies, Israel's Waltz with Brashir, and Australia's Mary and Max, adding in The Triplets of Belleville, Persepolis, and topping it off with the last Spider-Verse movie. BRIAN CHARLTON/LINDA BRUNE

Shakespeare in Film


Watch the presenter's favourite versions of classic Shakespeare plays as he wrote them, as well as contemporary versions: one with teens, one with long-ago samurai, Orson Welles as Falstaff, and a rollicking romp set in the Hollywood Hills. $5.00 added at registration. KAY KENNEDY

Canadian Theatre and War


Since Confederation, Canadian playwrights have written about war. The plays selected for this course cover 100 years. We begin with WWI (Redpatch), move to the inter-war period (And Up They Flew, to be produced by CLT in April), then WWII (Waiting for the Parade), and end with This is War, examining the human cost of Canada's role in Afghanistan (2001-2014). Four plays are required reading and purchased online by you for $15+/- each. ANNIE SMITH

Musical Play With Grandkids!


Musical play is an essential aspect of a young child's physical, emotional, and intellectual growth, yet it is often neglected by today's busy parents. Grandparents to the rescue! I will show you how to engage with your grandkids through intentional music activities. "But I'm not musical", you say? No worries. If you can laugh, make faces, and count to ten, you will do just fine. JACQUI GRAHAM

Composers' Lives and Music 


In an informal and entertaining series, Bruce will explore the pursuits, accomplishments, and lives of composers not well known to the music-loving public. Presentations will include biographical information and recordings of many of the works by the individual composers. Each presentation should leave the listener with a fairly complete picture of the musician and the man....or woman. BRUCE DUNN

Maintain a Mature Singing Voice


Participate in vocal exercises designed to extend vocal range and to project your voice both in volume and in energy through intentional focus. This course is especially beneficial for members of choirs. A few with voice problems owing to health concerns have also benefited. The course will be held at Berwick Comox Valley.  OLIVER CLARKE

Hemingway's Paris Stories


U.S. fiction writer Ernest Hemingway first got the attention of the literary world with the 1925 publication of his collection of short stories and vignettes, In Our Time. Most stories in the collection were written during his time in Paris in the 1920s, after the loss of all his manuscripts in late 1922, as documented in several chapters of his memoirs, A Moveable Feast. STEVE LANE

Writers' Workshop


This is an interactive class in which writers and would-be writers may share their work and have it gently appreciated and critiqued by others. No formal instruction. MARVIN HAAVE/ IAN MCINTYRE

Guided Autobiography


The practice of life review through guided autobiography groups is an effective method for helping people remember events and experiences from their lives, organize and record them, and share them with others. This 6-week course offers participants the opportunity to discover depth and meaning in their life stories through exploration of a variety of life themes, supported by the motivation and encouragement of working together in a small group.  JANE DAWSON

Fundamentals of Photography


This is non-technical look at how to improve your photographic composition. Although many of the concepts presented apply to adjustable cameras, concepts are also pertinent to point-and-shoot cameras and phone cameras. Students should be familiar with the basic operations of their own camera and should bring it to each class. A tripod is useful but not mandatory. There will be three field trips. NORMAN MATHEW

Canadian Criminal Law


There have been profound changes in Canadian law in the last 45 years particularly in the area of assaults, youth offenders, and the adaption of the law to modern technological advancements. Don will contrast changes in other common law countries to those in Canada and will draw on real cases to illustrate how the law has evolved with respect to self-defence, abortion, prostitution, jury trials, and Internet offences. DONALD SKOGSTAD

Financial Strategies for Retirees


Financial planning ends when we retire. It's too late to do to change anything or "make retirement better," right?! Nothing can be further from the truth. In this course, we will cover how to make the most of what you have, income sources and how to layer them, retirement risks and how to manage them. We will cover basic economics and taxation as well as estate planning. DAVID DALTON

Role of the Executor


Learn the role of the executor in BC estate administration law from a practising estate administration lawyer. We will discuss factors to consider before you accept or assign the appointment as an executor. We will also address practical steps to be taken upon a will-maker's death, and the executor's rights and responsibilities in fulfilling their wishes. Optional printed materials to help with document organization available for $5. LYLE CARLSTROM

Cloud Drives: Lifting the Fog


What's all the hype about Internet cloud drives? Would it be wise to store your photos, documents, and other files there - or not? How does it work, and how easy is it to set up and use? This course will answer these questions and demonstrate cloud drive services from Microsoft (OneDrive), Google (Drive), and Apple (iCloud). You may be already using it and not even realize! TERRY HOOPER/ROGER TAYLOR

Orange Belt Emailing


Know how to do basic email; i.e., you're a white or yellow belt emailer? This course will advance you to an orange belt level. You will use an NIC computer to set up working, online accounts in both Google/Telus Gmail and Microsoft Outlook/Hotmail services, and then use them to explore email, contacts, and calendar features along with learning general useful tips and techniques applicable to any email service (e.g., Shaw). TERRY HOOPER

Presenters' Dos and Don'ts


To make any presentation better, there are some things great presenters do and things that great presenters do not do. This is an interactive session, so please come prepared to put forward any ideas you have on how to make better presentations. This is a learning session for everyone, even the presenter! MIKE FULLER

Understanding Fear and Its Effects


This is an introductory course on the nature and role of fear, individually and collectively. In the last three decades, especially since 9/11, fear has become a growing topic of major concern in several academic disciplines, operations of democracy and governance, and in its uses in business, advertising and popular culture. Explore your personal relationship to fear and the importance of multiple perspectives to the culture of fear. MICHAEL FISHER

Living Consciously


We'll use experiential exercises to explore some of the basic elements for living a conscious life. The elements we'll be focusing on are what really matters: kindness, gratitude, self-awareness, and choice. Please note that homework exercises will be an important  aspect of this program. You can also expect considerable interaction with other students during class time.  LEON HAWRYLENKO

Yogic Energy Techniques 


While most people are aware of physical yoga, there are also non-physical aspects that can provide great benefit to mind and body.  This course will focus on understanding the energy systems in our bodies, the relationship to our mind and emotions, and some simple techniques that you can do just sitting in a chair.  DEBBIE NARVER

Universal Devotional Chanting


The educational and devotional benefit of this course is the realization that all traditions are based in the same spirit. Like yoga, devotional chanting unites us with the essential energy of the universe found in nature, which may be called God, Tao, Buddha, or the Great Creator. All are encouraged to participate, and all levels of singing ability are welcome. The course will be held at Berwick Comox Valley. A $3 payment to the course leader is required for supplies. OLIVER CLARKE

Tai Chi for Mind & Body


Our focus will be on mind body coordination, balance and energy. We will learn the short Yang form and the seven principles and how they apply to the form.  ANN ZANBILOWICZ

Astrology 101


Know your sun sign but want more? Since ancient times astrology and the movements of the planets & stars have been the domain of mystics, wise men and the medicine people.  The Mayans, Egyptians, Jews, Persians, and Indigenous cultures were guided by the messages of the heavens. Experience the basics of astrology; the planets, signs and houses and how they help us to understand ourselves, our purpose and our life.  ALLAN VONKEMAN

Exercise for Older Adults


A review of the benefits of exercise (theory), combined with some practical skills to improve your health and function. Special attention is paid to concerns we have with starting and continuing a regular program of exercise at an older age. KEN REDL

Scenic Hikes 1


Pack a lunch and come for a hike! Revisit the familiar and perhaps discover some new trails. We will be travelling once a week as far south as Bowser and north to Campbell River. We will carpool, when necessary. These hikes have variable terrain so they're not suitable for those with mobility issues. Our 6-9 km. hikes may often go over 3 hours. Please no dogs! TED GRAINGER

Scenic Hikes 2


Follow familiar and new hiking trails to sample forest types, some with water features. Bring some food & water as hikes are 6-9 km and last 2-3 hours. Dress for expected weather. Pace is leisurely to moderate. We are hiking for exercise, meeting fellow seniors, taking photos and to admire our walks. Carpooling is encouraged. The hikes have variable terrain so are not suitable for mobility issues. Please, no dogs. JOHN BIEHL

An Introduction to Scientific Literacy


This is NOT a science course but a course about processing scientific knowledge.  The course should help participants understand how scientists approach a question or a problem and also give them some skills for distinguishing between what is valid scientific knowledge and what is probably pseudoscience. ROD MONTAGUE

Seniors And Functional Movement


This course uses a modified version of the Functional Movement System developed by Gray Cook. Learn how we develop movement and movement patterns. Work together through a seven-step movement screen to determine your own function and then take away simple home exercises to correct dysfunctions. IRENE BORECKY

Evidence of Life After Death


The results from the revival of large numbers of heart and surgical patients have been a driving force in life-after-death research. Where have ideas about death originated? What are some explanations for death? How can death be understood? Why is doubt arising? What does current research tell us? To answer these questions, the effect of alternative world views will be presented. PHYLLIS CHUBB

Re-Imagining Long-term Care


Review the new long-term care village in Comox and how Providence Living is reinventing seniors care by creating a home for residents. This is a move away from a typical institutional model of care to a social-relational model. Residents will be invited to direct their own care, enhancing a normal lifestyle with freedom of movement and access to the outdoors. SHARON PARKES

Pharmacist's Greatest Hits


Through four, 90-minute interactive sessions, you will learn about common drug topics and issues from experienced pharmacists who work with seniors in the community. Following a presentation to set the stage, there will be plenty of time to answer your drug-related or health-related questions. WENDY STEWART-FOX/LISA BUI

Dementia 101: Uh-Ohs, Ah-Ahs


Feeling challenged by the journey of dementia? Struggling to find ways to support and care for a friend or family member living with dementia? Join the instructor to discuss, learn and practice new skills to add to your toolbox in a safe, non-judgemental/non-medical environment. Until there's a cure, there's a care. HEATHER MCLEOD

The Science of Happiness


The Science of Happiness examines recent research from the frontiers of neuroscience and neuropsychology to explore the roots of happiness and what biological purpose it serves, while providing practical strategies for enhanced individual well-being. Weaving together concepts from genetics, human history, and positive psychology the central focus of 'The Science of Happiness' will be how we can each live the most fulfilling, resilient, and happy life possible. DAVID VRANJES

What's an End of Life Plan?


An end of life plan is an evolving process that includes mulitiple documents and conversations.  This four part course dives into the questions and possibilities for creating or expanding your own plan along with guidance around which documents to include and who might be involved. Beginning the process now creates opportunity for easier transitions tomorrow.  KRISTA MANUEL

Wealth: the What And How


This one-day session was developed for high school students to explain how wealth is created in our careers and lives. It could be a useful tool to explain to children and grandchildren how a simple, easily understood concept helps us understand wealth. It is an interactive session, so please come prepared to ask questions and get involved in the discussion. MIKE FULLER

Managing Human Relationships


This course will help you control the havoc in your life, maintain healthier relationships with boundaries, and feel both confident and empowered. Optional text: $20. KATHLEEN ANN KELLY

Enneagram Personality Theory


The Enneagram is a powerful system to compassionately understand ourselves and others, describing the structure and dynamics of nine personality types. It is a system with psychological, spiritual and somatic components. By understanding our unconscious and automatic patterns, we can experience profound inner growth and improve our relationships. A combination of PowerPoint, meditation, poetry, music, written reflective practices, and conversation will be used in this introductory course. Optional $20 text and $10 personality test. DK BEITEL

Compassionate Communication


Our culture has taught us to communicate in a way that perpetuates conflict and pain. The four step process of Compassionate Communication teaches us how to listen and speak authentically from the heart and bring peace to our lives. The class focuses on practicing these skills with real life examples. "Non-Violent Communication, a Language of Life" by Marshall Rosenberg, is required reading and purchased by you for $30+/-. BONNIE LARUSH

Biofilia: Our Connection to Nature


Biofilia is a 16-hour Grand Tour of Life, all of it. Biofilia translates into "we are all family." Two classes are about what life is made of - the incredible molecules that animate life. Then one class each on bacteria, cells, plants, fungi, animals, and viruses. Learn what makes life tick using educational video material to amplify or give authority to what the instructor teaches. THIERRY VRAIN

Four Quartets


"Four Quartets" is considered T.S. Eliot's spiritual autobiography. Drawing on personal and universal symbolism and addressing themes of time, reality, and the conditions of self-knowing, this series of four poems takes readers on an exploration of the deepest questions of human existence. Through reading, writing and group dialogue, this course is a deep dive into one of the most profound works of the 20th century. Text is online, required and purchased by you for 10+/-. JANE DAWSON

Sasquatch Discovered


Enjoy a slide/lecture presentation based on the work of Dr. John Bindernagel, local author of two seminal sasquatch books, a popular conference speaker throughout North America, and the Canadian news media "go-to guy" for  sasquatch information. Learn about the unfolding story of the discovery of the sasquatch. TERRANCE JAMES

Visiting Uncommon Corners 1


Learn about far flung corners where the course leader has lived or explored by bicycle. Dive into history, culture, current events, sprinkled with personal anecdotes. We'll dive into Xinjiang & north Pakistan, Nigeria, East Turkey & Georgia, Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo), Tajikistan, the Philippines and (NEW!) Newfoundland. This course updates an earlier course: it is Part 1,  Part 2 is planned for Fall 2024. Participant engagement is encouraged. GREGG STRONG

Great Trip to Compelling Story


This collaborative workshop discusses components of meaningful travel memoir and develops creative nonfiction writing skills. The importance of journalling, photography, steady writing practice, professional editing and publishing options will be explored. Participants will bring a favourite adventure tale and begin the process of creating a compelling written account. For those wishing to share, we will peer review short class and homework assignments. KIM LETSON

Dutch History to 1830


Explore the origins and development of an important modern European nation state, with an emphasis on the political, economic, and cultural significance of Dutch society, how it emerged as a republic, and became a leading world power in the 17th century. We will trace its diminishing role in international politics and conclude with its conversion into a monarchy after the Napoleonic Wars. JOHN STERK

Music and Your Brain


Have you ever experienced music as a whole-body experience? This course focuses on the science (physics and biology) of music. It is for those who seek knowledge about music and the brain, and those who wish to know more about the music-biological connection in health care. Some medical terms and basic brain physiology will be introduced and there will be opportunities to discuss the music-cognitive connection. ALPHA WOODWARD

All About Pi


We all know that Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. But Pi appears in many important and surprising ways in mathematics and science, often in places that have nothing to do with circles. In this course, designed for people who enjoy mathematics and are at home with at least high school algebra, we will explore many of the wonders of this important number.  JOEL KOSITSKY

Car Care


Drawing on his extensive experience with over 100 cars, comprising 20 manufacturers, 8 on road breakdowns, and several upgrade projects, Don will take you from one end of the vehicle to the other and guide you from headlights to exhaust systems. This course will help in purchasing, maintaining or upgrading a car. The course is part physics, part automotive mechanics, part YouTube with anecdotes from Don's considerable experience gained over the years. DONALD SKOGSTAD

Mystics and the Mundane


Mystics aren't mainstream in our rational scientific world, because they don't fit in. Yet normal people do have mystical experiences if they just pay attention. They may occur in times of silence, ritual, great emotion, beauty, creativity, or in nature. Each week we'll read and reflect on mystical writing fromdifferent times and traditions, learn about the authors, and share our own reaction or our similar experiences. ROBERT MCDONALD

Intro to Cryptic Crosswords


Have you tried to do Cryptic Crosswords but found them incomprehensible and baffling? This course will reveal the hidden mysteries and the idiosyncratic conventions that underlie these entertaining and devious brain-twisters. Cryptic Crosswords will appeal to puzzle-lovers who have some time and patience and who enjoy humour, wordplay and a challenge. Participants will have opportunities to learn how to solve Cryptic Crosswords and to enjoy, or groan, at the clever clues.  JIM/BARBARA MOSCOVICH

Bridge - Intermediate Bidding


This course is designed for players with some experience who wish to add more bidding tools to their game.  We will discuss the more popular conventions, cue Bids and doubles as well as the 2 over 1 bidding system. GARY PRIESTMAN

Bridge - Introduction to Modern Bidding


This course is designed for people who have never played Bridge or who played years ago and want to get back into the game.  Each class will consist of a lesson and some hands-on exercises. GARY PRIESTMAN

Bridge - Play the Hand, Defend the Hand


This course is designed to help new or less experienced Bridge players to play a hand better and to defend a hand more successfully.  Each class will consist of a lesson followed by hands-on practice. GARY PRIESTMAN

Wordplay: Fearless Poetry


Poems live all around us and inside us, waiting to be expressed. We'll mine dynamic, stress-free ways to source your wild mind to write free verse, as well as exploring the magical possibilities that arise from using meter, rhythm, rhyme and formal structure. Poets and the poetry curious at all levels of experience are welcome. DIANA KOLPAK

Physics: What do You Want to Know?


Dr. Brewer, a professor emeritus, will spend the first class in a "meandering autobiography" to give an idea of what physics subjects he knows (or does not know) about. He will then ask for a consensus on what physics topics to discuss over the following weeks. JESS BREWER

Atoms and Molecules


The idea of atoms and molecules, which underlies modern chemistry, has been around for a long time, but it wasn't until 1905 that Einstein proved their existence. After a brief, somewhat historical non-technical discussion, the presenter will discuss the physical and chemical interactions of these particles of matter. We will then investigate many everyday phenomena that can be readily understood by thinking in terms of these tiny particles.  JOEL KOSITSKY

Kabbalah, Biblical Foundations


Come explore Kabbalah, the mystical foundation of the Abrahamic faiths. What biblical mysteries and practices are missing in organized religion? Interested in the names of God and their power? Want to discover the secrets of the Hebrew aleph-bet? Find the feminine aspect of God, meditative practices, and their power. Explore this ancient, mystical tradition, get new understandings of the divine, of creation and our place in the great mystery. ALLAN VONKEMAN

Scientific Chaos


Chaos theory, a fascinating and revolutionary science that appeared recently, surprised (and both delighted and horrified) scientists in many fields. This theory also lands us in the amazingly beautiful world of fractals and the famous Mandelbrot Set. From the complicated rhythms of the heart to the forecasting of weather, many (often totally unrelated) scientific subjects show irregularities that nonetheless exhibit a hidden structure: an order in the chaos. JOEL KOSITSKY

The Great Depression in Canada


The Great Depression was a social and economic disaster of global proportions. Few countries were affected as severely as Canada where millions were left unemployed, hungry and often homeless. A crippling drought across the Prairies only made things worse. This course explores the Depression's devastating impact and how it triggered the birth of social welfare, the beginnings of East versus West rivalries, and the rise of populism. ROBERT NOON

The Canadian Constitution


This course will include a brief comparison of Canadian, American and British Constitutions; an analysis of Federal and Provincial powers; consideration of how First Nations are treated in the constitution; review of Federal and Provincial taxing powers; introduction to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms; and review of any current constitutional issues. KEITH RITTER

The Cold War, Then and Now


Examine the origins and history of the Cold War and its role in reshaping international relations into the 21st century. The notion of a new or resumed Cold War will be discussed with a focus on Russian, American and Chinese relations. ERIC NELLIS

Daily Life Meditation


In this online course, Julie Blais will provide an overview of the hindrances that can come up in meditation, such as sleepiness, restlessness and doubt,  and offer some solutions.  She will discuss integrating meditation in daily life using different techniques like mindfulness of eating, walking, meditation and more. JULIE BLAIS

Electricity Around the House


Learn to do electrical repairs around your house, how to add a circuit, what you can and can't do without a homeowner's permit, and how to apply for one. Go through types of breakers and circuits in your house with some theory on volts, amps, and watts. The hands-on work needs some basic tools suggested the first day. A $5.00 fee is added at registration to cover the cost of materials supplied by the course leader. GORDON DANN

Backyard Composting


Composting makes use of waste and livens up soil. And it's easy to do! Come learn the secrets of safely and quickly making rich nutritious compost out of your kitchen and yard waste. Learn why, how, where, when, and what. Bring your questions for this fun discussion with a Master Composter.  Feed the soil that feeds the plants that feed us! JOYCE MCMENAMON

Roses! Roses! Roses!


This Zoom presentation ranges through the centuries of finding, developing, and nurturing varieties of blooms to the current art of breeding and marketing roses. The presenters will also touch on plant care in their garden, known as Silverlea, in Fanny Bay, where they have 100 varieties. The presentation includes images of some of the world's most famous and loved roses. DIANNE VOLRICH/ROLAND SEMJANOVS

Be a Traveller, Not a Tourist


Becoming a "tourist" has never been easier than it is today. Holiday "packages" can be had for almost any popular destination. Although this approach makes otherwise unaffordable destinations affordable, it can result in everyone seeing the same sights, taking the same photos, and having the same experience . What if your approach to travelling was different? Learn what can happen when you become a traveller and not just a tourist.

The Art of Slow Travel


Join author Kim Letson for an entertaining romp around the world - mostly on her own two feet, although sometimes by the odd horse, camel, bus or train. Walking, humankind's most elemental form of travel, allows us to explore sensory details of a place through intimate exposure to geography, climate and culture. Vulnerable to our surroundings, we are able to absorb the essence and improve our understanding of where we are.

Conversations Unlock Hidden Treasures


Engaging in conversations with locals while travelling offers numerous benefits. Locals can offer invaluable tips and recommendations, guiding you to hidden gems and unique experiences that may not be found in guidebooks. Additionally, conversing with locals fosters meaningful connections, broadens your perspective, and can lead to unexpected friendships, enriching your travel experience and leaving you with lasting memories and a sense of belonging in a foreign land.

Iraq - Cradle of Civilisation


Armchair travel as Mike recounts his travels from Baghdad to Basra. Visit the ancient Sumerian sites of Ur and Babylon. Stop at Samarra, a UNESCO world heritage site, with its iconic spiral minaret. Meet pilgrims in Karbala and Najaf, the holy places of Shia Islam. Visit one of Saddam Hussein's old palaces and explore Iraq's marshlands by boat, finishing where the Euphrates and Tigris meet at the Shatt Al Arab waterway.

Voluntourism: Combining Travel & Service


Voluntourism is one of the fastest growing trends in travel today. Three examples will illustrate how you can make a difference, experience cultural immersion, and broaden your understanding of complex community issues. First, we will travel to a children's village in Guatemala. Next up: the Masai Mara of Kenya to build schools, hospitals, and clean wells. We'll end on the Nahanni River in NWT for an Outward Bound Reach Beyond expedition.

From Sacred Travel to Tourism in Bhutan


Darrell had the privilege of visiting Bhutan when the remote mystical kingdom opened to admit strictly controlled travellers. However, over a six-year period from 2005 to 2011, she saw sacred travel transformed into a tourist industry. Today tourism and hydroelectricity are two of the most important sources of foreign exchange earnings in Bhutan. The distinction between traveller and tourist is not always simple.

Servas: Travelling Towards World Peace


Servas is an international, not-for-profit organization started shortly after World War II in the belief that encouraging people to host or stay with people from other countries helps to build friendships, understanding, and dialogue through sharing of culture, foods, and local attractions. It was hoped this shared affinity might help prevent repetition of the horrors of war that had just enveloped the world.