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Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-0001-CVS1 CV Apr 30 $10.00


Windows for Cheapskates

This course will provide tips on where and how to find good quality free or very-low-cost public domain software for Windows computers. We will also talk about how to protect your computer while using software downloaded from the Internet. Instructor: Rod Keith

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-4320-CVS1 CV Nov 16-Nov 23 $10.00
CVEC-4320-CVS2 CV Nov 16-Nov 23 $10.00


Unforgettable Memory Strategies

Losing things? Tired brain? How can you function if you don't have a brain to do it with? Gain life-supporting skills and priceless memory tips to help you avoid cognitive decline. There are no memory pills but Neuroscience offers HOPE! Instructor: Gary Anaka

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5739-CVS1 CV Nov 19 $5.00


Craft Beer and Women

This course is designed for women who want to know more about the "new world" of craft beer. Historically, women were the brewers. Now women are once again having an increasingly important voice, both as brewers and as consumers. Instructor: Alan Brown

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-7352-CVS1 CV Nov 16 $10.00
CVEC-7352-CVS2 CV Nov 16 $10.00


Renewal on the Sea Otter Coast

David Pinel is the managing owner of West Coast Expeditions (WCE), an adventure tourism company focused on educational marine experiences in the Kyuquot area since 1972. WCE is recognized by Destination Canada for providing a Canadian Signature Experience and was Canada's first kayak tour company to achieve the Green Tourism Gold Award. Dave will discuss the once extirpated sea otters, and the little-known area of Kyuquot on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island, home of an ecological renewal over the last 40 years, with the recovered sea otter population as the chief ecological architects, concurrent with a modern treaty that's enabling new chapters for the local Indigenous people and community. Instructor: Dave Pinel

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9006-CVS2 CV Nov 17 $6.00
CVEC-9006-CVS1 CV Nov 17 $6.00


Tanzania: Amazing Landscapes, Wildlife and History

Chris and Catriona Harker taught and travelled in Tanzania in the 70s and have returned there many times since, as safari guides and as directors of a Canadian NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). Their love affair with the country comes through in this illustrated presentation which will include: the past colonial history of Tanzania and the current political situation; the varied geography and the incredible wildlife viewing opportunities; their involvement there as teachers and safari guides over the last 16 years; and the volunteer work they are involved in relating to the Canadian Harambee Education Society (CHES). Chris' three books which expand on these themes will be available. Instructor: Chris and Catriona Harker

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9007-CVS2 CV Nov 24 $6.00
CVEC-9007-CVS1 CV Nov 24 $6.00


Cruising Off the Beaten Track On the Edge

Nowadays, cruise lines go to unique destinations. The earth is 71% water and the cruise industry is taking passengers to new places and destinations that have yet to be explored. For those lovers of adventure, combined with cruising, there are more places to explore than ever before. The cruise industry is moving forward to take you from oceans to other waterways such as rivers and lakes. We will explore the newer and more unique destinations that are being made available to the cruising community. Instructor: Susan Davies

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9008-CVS2 CV Dec 1 $6.00
CVEC-9008-CVS1 CV Dec 1 $6.00