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Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-0001-PAS1 PA Apr 30 $10.00


The History of Music

Music is found in every known culture, past and present, varying widely between times and places. This course will conduct a brief survey of music through the past 400 years. The first class will be devoted to classical music, the second exploring the era of the Big Bands, blues/jazz in the third session, and then finish up with folk/rock in fourth session. Sessions will be a blend of YouTube videos, CD/LP, and for the last class you will get to enjoy listening to some live guitar. A fun time will be had by all.

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-1803-PAS1 PA Feb 7-Feb 28 $25.00


Cultural Awareness

This interactive session will provide an introduction to the history and territories of the Nuu-chah-nulth People of Vancouver Island. We will discuss some of the protcols of the Nuu-cha-nulth, talk about language loss and revitalization, and investigate some of the practices that make us unique. We will finish up the session with a Q and A, so bring your curiosity and questions!

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-2804-PAS1 PA Apr 1 $10.00


Estate Planning

Join us for presentations by knowledgeable members of the community in the three areas that most adults need advice on when making estate decisions: financial planning, estate planning and final wishes. Our presenters include: Chris Gow, a CGA experienced with estate finances and dealing with the new rules regarding financial planning for those putting their affairs in order. Matthew Dearin, a Notary Public specifically versed in estate legalities, how to set up Wills and Estates. Justin Johannesson, a Family Services Counselor and Margaret Vatamaniuck, Funeral Director who are experienced in prearranging funerals as well as how to put final wishes in place. This session is designed to encompass a broad range of information and participants will have some time for more specific questions and answers at the end.

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-3531-PAS1 PA Apr 11 $12.00


Getting the Most Out of Your Iphone Camera

Come and learn how to use your iPhone camera with confidence. Graham Fox will cover functions including; settings, camera access, camera controls, aspect ratios and panorama, exposure and focal points, how to read QR codes and how to scan documents. The course will also cover using the iPhone App and using settings, storage, editing, albums and storage optimizations/options. Instructor: Graham Fox

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-4013-PAS1 PA Jan 29 $10.00


The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Food

You are what you eat. Have you ever wondered where this phrase came from, and whether it is actually true? Learn about the vitamins, minerals, fats, oils, carbohydrates and proteins in the food you eat. Is maple syrup/honey better for you than ordinary table sugar? What exactly happens to the foods once they hit your stomach? Who can you believe, and why does the research on good/bad foods seem to change all the time? No previous chemistry or biochemistry knowledge is required for the course.

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-5621-PAS1 PA Feb 7-Feb 28 $25.00


The 100 Mile Diet

Learn about the benefits of eating local food and how to incorporate locally produced food in your diet. This session will include a panel of local food producers who will share information about their role in providing local food.

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-5630-PAS1 PA Feb 13 $12.00


Resilience & Relaxation

Join Linda St. Claire, a retired Mental Health Nurse/Counsellor, in this 4-part series to learn easy strategies to improve your well being and relaxation. The sessions will be a half hour of learning/discussion and a half hour of a variety of easy relaxation techniques. This series is suitable for everyone. Instructor: Linda St. Claire

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-5807-PAS1 PA Mar 4-Mar 25 $25.00


A Closer Look at Homelessness

Patty Edwards and Terry Deakin of the Alberni Valley Community Stakeholders Initiative to End Homelessness (AVCSI) will provide an overview of the homelessness situation in the Province and more in-depth the situation in Port Alberni. A short history of the AVCSI committee and what the committee has accomplished will be presented and then an overview of the housing service providers and supports for those who experience homelessness in Port Alberni.

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-6426-PAS1 PA Mar 5-Mar 12 $15.00


The Alberni Valley - Air & Sea

Come and join us to learn more about the Alberni Valley's airport and sea port. In the first session, Pat Deakin, Economic Development Manager for the City of Port Alberni, will talk about the airport expansion, why it was done and the opportunities it created. He will discuss the next steps in realizing the possibilities and challenges that the airport faces. In the second session Dave McCormick & Mike Carter, from the Port Alberni Port Authority, will provide an overview of the Port Authority's mandate, role, jurisdiction and facilities. Community contributions; including partnerships and sponsorships, business goals and projects, marinas, terminal operations, spill response base and commercial fishing cluster will also be covered.

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-6506-PAS1 PA Mar 27-Apr 3 $15.00