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Marine Basic First Aid & CPR C


The Marine Basic First Aid course meets defined Federal Transport Canada Marine Safety Training Standards for Marine First Aid. This course provides individuals with a basic training level of First Aid and CPR required by the Marine Industry. Certification is by the Canadian Red Cross with a certification period of three years.

Prerequisite(s): Some previous knowledge of First Aid/ CPR is recommended, but not required.

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-082-CRS3 CR Dec 4-Dec 5 $180.00
FAC-082-CRS1 CR Feb 10-Feb 11 $180.00
FAC-082-CRS2 CR Apr 4-Apr 5 $180.00
FAC-082-CVS1 CV Feb 6-Feb 7 $180.00
FAC-082-CVS2 CV Mar 26-Mar 27 $180.00
FAC-082-PAS1 PA Feb 5-Feb 6 $180.00
FAC-082-PAS2 PA Mar 12-Mar 13 $180.00
FAC-082-PAS3 PA Apr 27-Apr 28 $180.00
FAC-082-PAS1 PA May 7-May 8 $180.00