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Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder - EMR

The EMR course provides the knowledge and skills necessary in an emergency to help sustain life, reduce pain, and minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness in a pre-hospital setting and includes CPR level HCP and AED. The certification is valid for three years. Being a certified EMR opens the doors to a variety of employment opportunities including BC Ambulance Services, private ambulance services (ie LifeSupport Transport), fire departments, law enforcement, ski-patrol and rescue, and industry employers in remote locations in BC / Alberta.

Prerequisite(s): Participants must be certified in Standard First Aid with CPR level C or higher. Pre-reading and homework required, contact First Aid Dept at 250-334-5092 to arrange to get course materials. Minimum of 16 years of age. Students under 19 require a parent / guardian signed waiver.

Section Location Dates Cost
AET-020-CVS1 CV Mar 11-Mar 22 $995.00
AET-020-CVS1 CV Jun 3-Jun 14 $995.00


Building Service Worker Level 1 & WHMIS

Learn the skills required to work in the building service custodial field. Topics include: attitudes, ground rules, WHMIS, blood borne pathogen and sharps safety, hanta virus awareness, basic cleaning chemistry, cleaning procedures overview, interior office cleaning, restroom cleaning, daily floor maintenance and classroom cleaning. Note: Please bring a bagged lunch and beverage.

Prerequisite(s): Students must have basic English speaking, writing and reading skills.

Section Location Dates Cost
BSW-101-CRS1 CR Mar 22-Mar 24 $389.00
BSW-101-PAS1 PA May 10-May 12 $389.00


The Fate of Journalism

Take a look back at journalism in a large segment of the eastern, rural part of England and in Campbell River, through the eyes of area journalist Quentin Dodd. What was it and what has it become with the advent of radio, television, and the world wide web! What fate has it suffered? There will be time allowed for a robust group discussion. Instructor: Quentin Dodd

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-2368-CRS1 CR Mar 14-Mar 28 $30.00


A Smart Start to Mutual Funds

This class offers individuals a foundational knowledge of mutual funds and introduces the features of mutual funds and the process of selecting an appropriate fund.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-3507-CRS1 CR Feb 26 $10.00


Focus on Fixed Income

This class covers bond characteristics and features, as well as key strategies to get the most out of one's fixed income investments.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-3520-CRS1 CR Mar 5 $10.00


Beaver Lodge Wlk: Stries of this Land

Do you love the Beaver Lodge Lands, or have you always wanted to go there but didn't know how to get around? Have a walk with Sandra Milligan, President of Greenways Land Trust and long-term member of the Beaver Lodge Trust Committee. Hear and share the many stories of the Beaver Lodge Lands: trail and stream stewardship projects, signage, and how not to get lost in the woods. Learn the stories of the most common species that you'll encounter while walking in the woods. Facilitator: Sandra Milligan

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5554-CRS1 CR Mar 13 $10.00


Advance Care Planning

Instructor: Geri Arkell. You've done your will, planned your estate, but have you thought about your health care decisions? If you were in a major accident today, would your family know what YOUR wishes are for the end of life care? Having "the Talk" with our families and writing the plan will be the best gift you can give them.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5765-CRS1 CR Mar 6-Mar 13  


A Pebble Geology Story

Dixon Edwards and Jon Ackroyd. Local pebbles help explain the geology of our region. We will identify the type and abundance of our pebbles, connect them to their bedrock source and finally consider when (geologically), how and where on earth this bedrock source originated!

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6323-CRS1 CR Mar 21-Mar 28 $30.00


Emergency Preparedness

Would you know how to help yourself and those you love before and after a disaster? What are the real threats to the Strathcona Region? Be prepared! Know the risks and make a plan. Instructor: Shaun Koopman

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6915-CRS2 CR Mar 19 $10.00


Batch Cooking for Seniors

Instructor: Matt MacDonald, Executive Chef. Save energy, time and money by employing the principles of batch cooking. In this class we will do three comfort food recipes that will introduce you to the 'how to' of converting your own favorite recipes into freezer ready dinners for those days when you do not want to think about making a dinner from scratch.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-7255-CRS1 CR Mar 9 $20.00


Knife Skills for Seniors

Have you ever wondered how to select the correct knife for the job, maintain your knives properly, sharpen your knives for ease of use and safety, and cut more efficiently? Join this Red Seal Chef for a session in the kitchen and learn to cut like a pro. Bring your own knives to class! Instuctor: Matt MacDonald

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-7290-CRS1 CR Mar 2 $10.00


Back Yard Beekeeping

Instructor: Tom Kruesel. This introductory workshop offers participants a brief introduction to the art of backyard beekeeping for beginners. Starting with a general history and the structure of the colony, discover the physiology of the honeybee, the different types of bees in the colony, basic equipment, honey bee nutrition, swarming and control methods. We will talk about how we, as individuals in our community, can support the pollinators that are responsible for aiding in the production of 1 out of every 3 bites of food we take. We will also tour a backyard hive later in the spring (date TBD) and see first hand many of the things we have talked about. Tom has kept bees in his back yard for three years now and has inspired several friends to take up the past-time. He is the Vice President of the Comox Valley Beekeepers Club and loves to share his passion for bees with others.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-7915-CRS1 CR Mar 15-Apr 30 $20.00


On the Go with eBikes

Have you thought about incorporating an eBike into your lifestyle? This course will introduce you to electric assisted bikes and electric scooters and help you make an informed decision as to how they would fit into your life. We will look into the history of power-assisted bicycles and learn about how to ride them, along with safety concerns. Legalities such as rules of the road, insurance, parking and licensing will be convered, as well as how to maintain your vehicle and keep in running at top performance. Instructor: Blake Nobles

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-8207-CRS1 CR Mar 16 $10.00


Maintaining the Mature Singing Voice

Participants will learn techniques designed to increase the fullness and richenss of their voices, to increase vocal range and breath support, plus vocal projection. Instructor: Oliver Clarke

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-1889-CVS1 CV Feb 26-Mar 19 $20.00


Kwaguitl/Tlingit Traditional Regalia

K'omoks Elder Fernanda Pare will share traditional Kwaguitl/Tlingit regalia used during family feasts, potlaches, and the K'omoks First Nation Traditional Welcome. She has made button blankets, aprons, and cedar headdresses, which are part of her family treasure box and sacred to her.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-1935-CVS1 CV Mar 5 $5.00
CVEC-1935-CVS2 CV Mar 5 $5.00


Leaving a Legacy

Learn how creating a bequest can help you leave more funds for your loved ones Professional advisors will answer questions about estate planning, probate and tax laws. Discover opportunities in our community to have your legacy leave a meaningful impact forever. Instructor: Erin Petersen

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-3535-CVS1 CV Mar 18 $10.00
CVEC-3535-CVS2 CV Mar 18 $10.00


Creating Slideshows with iMovie

Learn how to use iMovie to turn your holiday photos into a movie with music and titles, for playing on your TV, iPad, Apple TV, and computer. Must have working knowledge of Photos and Mac computers and a selection of photos and music on a memory stick.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-4565-CVS CV Feb 25-Mar 4 $20.00
CVEC-4565-CVS2 CV Feb 25-Mar 4 $20.00


A Day in the Life of my iPad

Selective coverage of my favourite applications ("apps") and features including Internet use and management, e-mail, photo sharing and albums, word processing, dictation, printing, presentations, iCloud storage, and iPad maintenance/manuals. Apps covered include those for news, sports, radio stations, games, birdwatching, currency conversion, hearing aid management and marine traffic. This is an intermediate course for people who have a basic familiarity with their iPad. Instructor: Peter Newsted

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-4569-CVS1 CV Mar 15-Apr 12 $20.00
CVEC-4569-CVS2 CV Mar 15-Apr 12 $20.00


Yoga for Men Level 2

An Iyengar Yoga class for men who have already completed the Introductory Yoga Course for Men. In this course, we will introduce slightly more advanced work. The location of the class will be provided by the instructor to the registered students at a later date. There will be an additional fee of $10.00 payable to the instructor at the first class to cover the external room.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5412-CVS1 CV Mar 6-Mar 27 $20.00
CVEC-5412-CVS2 CV Mar 6-Mar 27 $20.00


Learn to Meditate

Learn different approaches to mindfulness awareness meditation. Each method will be introduced, then there will be a short practice of that method and time for dialog and feedback. A handout is included so that participants can take away the material and practice at home or in a group setting.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5476-CVS1 CV Mar 22 $10.00
CVEC-5476-CVS2 CV Mar 22 $10.00


Walking Local Trails

These six walks will take us to different areas of the valley. The trails, while fairly flat, will have some hilly sections and the occasional rough patch. The walks will be about 1½ to 2 hours long and about 5 to 7 km in length. Coffee or lunch after is an option. Well-socialized dogs are welcome, but no more than two per person.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5506-CVS1 CV Mar 14-Apr 18 $30.00
CVEC-5506-CVS2 CV Mar 14-Apr 18 $30.00


Scenic Hikes (No Dogs)

These 2 - 3 hr. hikes of 7 - 10 km are for those who walk and hike regularly. Carpooling is encouraged, as we will travel as far as from Campbell River to Bowser. The hikes go on rain or shine, and trail conditions can vary, so appropriate clothing is required. A great way to explore, exercise, and meet people.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5520-CVS1 CV Feb 26-Apr 16 $40.00
CVEC-5520-CVS2 CV Feb 26-Apr 16 $40.00


Scenic Hikes with Dogs

Explore the Comox Valley in this series of 6 to 8 km, 2+ hour walks/hikes beside rivers, through forests, and along trails. Having your dog(s) off leash, watching them interact and enjoy the journey is a large part of the experience. Most of the trails have occasional steep, muddy, or interesting sections, so appropriate footwear is advised. We usually stop part way through for a snack and to give the dogs a treat. Those who do not have dogs are welcome. Instructor: Raymond Randolf (Tuesdays) & Rod Bell-Irving (Thursdays)

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5521-CVS4 CV Feb 26-Apr 16 $40.00
CVEC-5521-CVS3 CV Feb 26-Apr 16 $40.00
CVEC-5521-CVS1 CV Feb 28-Apr 18 $40.00
CVEC-5521-CVS2 CV Feb 28-Apr 18 $40.00


The New Role of the Pharmacist

Pharmacists are taking on expanded roles, increasingly being recognized as the medication management experts of the health care team. Award-winning local pharmacist Tara Oxford shares how these changes can have a practical impact on your health and the health of our community.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5723-CVS1 CV Mar 1 $5.00
CVEC-5723-CVS2 CV Mar 1 $5.00


Good and Bad Bugs: The Human Microbiome

In the last seven years, there's been a scientific revolution in our understanding of the human microbiome - the trillions of bacteria that live in/on us and are now known to be essential for normal development and function of our brain, immune systems, and metabolism. Learn how medical science is taking the first small steps that could lead to powerful new approaches to obesity, diabetes, asthma, allergies, and - perhaps - autism. Instructor: John North

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5751-CVS1 CV Mar 6-Apr 10 $30.00
CVEC-5751-CVS2 CV Mar 6-Apr 10 $30.00


Rumi's Insights. What is he Saying?

Participants will share and enjoy Rumi's poetic art and his understanding of the "field beyond." We will consider if this 13th century writing has relevance to our daily living. Please bring one book of Rumi's poetry to class and be prepared to discuss some 'out of the box' ideas. The Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks is $25. Instructor: Ann Johnstone

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5875-CVS1 CV Mar 4-Apr 1 $25.00
CVEC-5875-CVS2 CV Mar 4-Apr 1 $25.00


Public Art around the World

This course offers a surprising look at public art in its many forms. There may be a cross-over between 2D and 3D images, digital, and living forms. We'll go from local art and graffiti to the visual splendors of Las Vegas and Dubai.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6120-CVS1 CV Mar 15-Mar 22 $10.00
CVEC-6120-CVS2 CV Mar 15-Mar 22 $10.00


Highway to Hell

Take a tour of the Greco-Roman underworld. This survey of Hades' domain will also show how ancient visions of Hell have an impact on later artistic, musical and literary portrayals of the scary realm.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6172-CVS1 CV Mar 1 $10.00
CVEC-6172-CVS2 CV Mar 1 $10.00


Geology of Planet Earth

We will discuss the geological history of our planet, including where it sits in the universe and our galaxy, when it formed, the rock cycle, plate tectonics, fossils and the fossil record, evolution and mass extinctions. Emphasis will be on our local geology, earthquakes and crustal tectonics, and the formation of selected ore deposits - how diamonds form and what natural processes produce economic concentrations of lithium, lead, zinc, copper, and uranium. We will consider where we are currently in the evolution of our planet

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6324-CVS1 CV Feb 27-Apr 3 $30.00
CVEC-6324-CVS2 CV Feb 27-Apr 3 $30.00


Basalt Pebbles:Finding and Knowing Them

This is an introduction to pebbles in the Comox Valley, specifically, basalt pebbles. Why are basalt pebbles plain, exotic, and abundant? We will investigate basalt's various types (vesicular, amygdaloidal, and hyaliclastic), how they formed, and their geological history. Don't be deterred by the strange words; basalts are easy to find, easy to identify, and fun to collect. Recommended resource: A Field Guide to the Identification of Pebbles (pamphlet, $10).

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6333-CVS1 CV Mar 15-Mar 29 $15.00
CVEC-6333-CVS2 CV Mar 15-Mar 29 $15.00


Understanding Canadian Constitution

This course will provide participants with an overview of the Canadian constitution. Topics discussed will include general principles relating to the Constitution Act of Canada and other constitutional documents and conventions. In addition, participants will gain a better understanding of what activities fall under the governance of each of the federal and provincial governments. Limitations imposed on all levels of government by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms will be reviewed.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6421-CVS1 CV Mar 5-Mar 26 $20.00
CVEC-6421-CVS2 CV Mar 5-Mar 26 $20.00


A Look into the Future

The 20th and early 21st centuries saw more significant change than all the other centuries combined since the dawn of civilization, but those changes are likely minor to what lies ahead. Beginning with a drive down memory lane, to taking glimpses of what daily life may look like 20 years from now, to examining the megatrends of the future, this course provides greater insights for tomorrow and the years to come.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6550-CVS1 CV Mar 7-Mar 21 $15.00
CVEC-6550-CVS2 CV Mar 7-Mar 21 $15.00


Backyard Composting

Composting makes use of waste and livens up soil, and it's easy to do! Come learn the secrets of safely and quickly making rich nutritious compost out of your kitchen and yard waste. Learn why, how, where, when, and what.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-7550-CVS1 CV Feb 22 $5.00
CVEC-7550-CVS2 CV Feb 22 $5.00


Mason Bees: An Introduction

You will learn their life cycle and how to make nesting tubes, boxes, and a starter house. There will be a $15 charge for starter kit and tube materials. Optional additional charge of $20 for 20 cocoons. Help your fruits and veggies! Instructor: Al Morton

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-7922-CVS2 CV Mar 1 $5.00
CVEC-7922-CVS1 CV Mar 1 $5.00


Cdn WWI Myths and Anti-Heroes

The full scope of WWI can be seen in individuals rarely discussed in the histories of the First World War. David Zimmerman, author and professor of military history, reveals the tantalizing facts behind the myths. From naval officers to physicists, Canadians played crucial roles in the conduct of the war. While some made heroic contributions to the war, others were branded outright cowards, and one was a fraud who took undeserved credit for one of the greatest technological discoveries of the conflict. Instructor: Dr. David Zimmerman

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9003-CVS1 CV Feb 23 $6.00
CVEC-9003-CVS2 CV Feb 23 $6.00


Firing Lines: Three Cdn Women Write WWI

Author and historian Debbie Marshall shines a light on the lives of women in the Great War. Many journalists wanted to cover the War - few were given the opportunity. Based in London and Paris, three Canadians: Mary MacLeod Moore (Saturday Night Magazine), Beatrice Nasmyth (Vancouver Province) and Elizabeth Montizambert (Montreal Gazette), were assigned to provide the "women's viewpoint" - everything from war shortages and bombing raids to the ways women were serving near the front. Instructor: Debbie Marshall

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9004-CVS1 CV Mar 2 $6.00
CVEC-9004-CVS2 CV Mar 2 $6.00


Soldiers' Culture in the Great War

Canada's foremost military historian, acclaimed author, and Canadian War Museum curator Tim Cook reveals details about ordinary Canadian soldiers during the Great War. Along the Western Front, in a place of tremendous death and destruction, soldiers forged their own cultural tools to survive the strain of combat. Songs, poetry, slang, trench newspapers, superstitions, theatre, and trench art were all cultural products created by the soldiers for the soldiers. Together they offer insight into questions of identity, camaraderie, and ordinary men coping with the unending battle. Instructor: Dr. Tim Cook, CM

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9005-CVS1 CV Mar 8 $6.00
CVEC-9005-CVS2 CV Mar 8 $6.00


Home & Home Again

Member and Chair of the Pacific Coast Branch of the Western Front Association, historians Yvonne and John provide insights into activities on the Canadian home front during WWI and explore the return home of those serving overseas at war's end. Throughout the war, Canadians at home worked tirelessly to keep the country going and support the troops overseas, the families left behind, and people in the European war zones. After the armistice, the return, demobilization and reintegration of Canadian troops was a massive undertaking. Instructors: Yvonne Van Ruskenveld & John Azar

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9006-CVS1 CV Mar 16 $6.00
CVEC-9006-CVS2 CV Mar 16 $6.00


Emergency Child Care First Aid With CPR Level B

This course is designed for parents and caregivers of children up to eight years of age. Topics include: recognition of home hazards, accident prevention, and safety education. Skills focus on respiratory distress, CPR, AED, bleeding management and common first aid situations. This course is acknowledged by the Ministry of Health and the Provincial Child Care Facilities Licensing Board. Certification period is three years, but yearly recertification in CPR Level B is recommended.

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-010-CRS2 CR Mar 16 $105.00
FAC-010-CRS1 CR May 11 $105.00
FAC-010-CRS1 CR Aug 10 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS1 CV Feb 24 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS1 CV May 26 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS1 CV Aug 11 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS2 PA Apr 27 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS1 PA Aug 10 $105.00


Emergency First Aid with CPR Level C

The emergency first aid course covers the basic skills necessary to deal with time priority emergencies. The RC Emergency First Aid course is now recognized by WorkSafe BC as a valid equivalent certification for the Occupational First Aid Level 1. Certification is transferable between provinces and recognized nationally for workplace requirements. It includes initial assessment, respiratory distress, CPR, AED, bleeding, unconsciousness, shock, poisons, and secondary assessment. Certification is by the Red Cross and is valid for a period of three years, but yearly recertification in CPR Level C is recommended.

Prerequisite(s): None

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-020-CRS1 CR Apr 6 $100.00
FAC-020-CRS1 CR Jun 22 $100.00
FAC-020-CVS1 CV Mar 3 $100.00
FAC-020-CVS1 CV May 23 $100.00
FAC-020-CVS1 CV Aug 18 $100.00


Red Cross Standard First Aid with CPR Level C

This is a comprehensive first aid course for those who require the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with life-threatening situations and to give assistance to people in physical distress. The RC Standard First Aid course is now recognized by WorkSafe BC as a valid equivalent certification for the Occupational First Aid Level 1. Certification is transferable between provinces and recognized nationally for workplace requirements. Includes all of the content of the Emergency First Aid course (FAC 020) plus injuries due to heat and cold, medical conditions, bone and joint injuries, head and spinal injuries. Certification is by the Red Cross and is valid for a period of three years, but yearly recertification in CPR Level C is recommended.

Prerequisite(s): None

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-021-CRS2 CR Mar 13-Mar 14 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS1 CR May 29-May 30 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS1 CR Aug 27-Aug 28 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS2 CV Apr 17-Apr 18 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS1 CV Jun 27-Jun 28 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS1 CV Aug 14-Aug 15 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS2 PA Mar 23-Mar 24 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS1 PA May 11-May 12 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS1 PA Jul 13-Jul 14 $170.00


Psychological First Aid - Self-Care

This exciting online program assists learners from youth to seniors in developing a personal understanding of the effects of stress, loss, grief and trauma, with an emphasis on self-care and personal protection. Learners will be introduced to the Red Cross Look, Listen, Link, Live model and will learn how to cope with the effects of various types of stress. This course can be taken as a stand-alone course or in combination with the Psychological First Aid - Caring for Others online course to supplement and strengthen an overall wellness program. We also provide a full program which includes the two online courses and the in class training session. PFA is built on the latest evidence-based research from the international community and was developed in response to a growing need within our communities and to address a gap in wellness program options with a focus on resiliency.

Prerequisite(s): Students 14 years of age (recommended)

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-056-CVD3 CV Mar 1-Mar 31 $45.00
FAC-056-CVD4 CV Apr 1-Apr 30 $45.00
FAC-056-CVD1 CV May 1-May 31 $45.00
FAC-056-CVD2 CV Jun 1-Jun 30 $45.00
FAC-056-CVD1 CV Jul 1-Jul 31 $45.00
FAC-056-CVD2 CV Aug 1-Aug 31 $45.00


Psychological FAID - Caring for Others

This exciting online program assists learners from youth to seniors in developing a personal understanding of the effects of stress, loss, grief and trauma on others, with an emphasis on self-care and personal protection. Learners will be introduced to the Red Cross Look, Listen, Link, Live model and will learn how to support others to cope with the effects of various types of stress. This course can be taken as a stand-alone course or in combination with the Psychological First Aid - Self-Care online course to supplement and strengthen an overall wellness program. We also provide a full program which includes the two online courses and the in class training session. PFA is built on the latest evidence-based research from the international community and was developed in response to a growing need within our communities and to address a gap in wellness program options with a focus on resiliency.

Prerequisite(s): Students 16 years of age (recommended)

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-057-CVD3 CV Mar 1-Mar 31 $45.00
FAC-057-CVD4 CV Apr 1-Apr 30 $45.00
FAC-057-CVD1 CV May 1-May 31 $45.00
FAC-057-CVD2 CV Jun 1-Jun 30 $45.00
FAC-057-CVD1 CV Jul 1-Jul 31 $45.00
FAC-057-CVD2 CV Aug 1-Aug 31 $45.00


Marine Basic First Aid & CPR C

The Marine Basic First Aid course meets defined Federal Transport Canada Marine Safety Training Standards for Marine First Aid. This course provides individuals with a basic training level of First Aid and CPR required by the Marine Industry. Certification is by the Canadian Red Cross with a certification period of three years.

Prerequisite(s): Some previous knowledge of First Aid/ CPR is recommended, but not required.

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-082-CVS2 CV Apr 15-Apr 16 $170.00
FAC-082-PAS1 PA May 18-May 19 $170.00
FAC-082-PHS1 PH Feb 21-Feb 22 $260.00
FAC-082-UCS1 UC Mar 30-Mar 31 $180.00


Marine Advanced First Aid & CPR C

An overview of Red Cross advanced first aid techniques and scenarios. Topics covered include; first aid kit; body structure and function; toxicological hazards; examination of person or patient (oxygen administration); spinal injuries; burns, scalds and effects of cold and heat; fractures, dislocations and muscular injuries; medical care of rescued persons; radio medical advice; pharmacology; sterilization and cardiac arrest, drowning and asphyxia. Certification is by Canadian Red Cross and is valid for three years.

Prerequisite(s): Minimum of 16 years of age. Some previous  knowledge of Frist Aid/ CPR is recommended, but  not required.

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-084-CVS1 CV Mar 4-Mar 8 $625.00


Forklift Operator

Receive thorough training that meets or exceeds all WorkSafe BC and CSA regulations and standards. Each student will be evaluated and those able to demonstrate a minimum level of operational competence receive an Ives & Associates document of successful program completion. Note: Ask for information sheet when registering.

Prerequisite(s): Must be 16 years of age and have, or have had, a driver's license.

Section Location Dates Cost
FLO-010-CRS3 CR Feb 23 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS4 CR Mar 23 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS5 CR Apr 27 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS1 CR May 25 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS2 CR Jun 22 $275.00
FLO-010-PAS2 PA Mar 16 $275.00
FLO-010-PAS3 PA Apr 27 $275.00


Silver Jewellery Express I

This 2-day course is an introduction to the creative and fun world of jewellery making for beginners. It has been specifically designed for students with no previous metal working experience. You will learn all the techniques needed to create your own beautifully finished band ring and one-of-a-kind pendant. Through demonstrations and hands-on practice you will learn various basic techniques such as piercing, filing, soldering, annealing, sanding, polishing, texturing and fabrication. A focus will be on safe studio and equipment practices. We will demonstrate all the steps needed to complete each piece as well as provide handouts with all the details for your reference. By the end of this course you will be able to take home two new pieces of jewellery you will be proud to wear or share. Note: The cost of materials for the two projects are included in the tuition. Please check the supply list online for additional items you need to bring from home. There will be a few templates for designs for those who don't want to design their own. Extra material will be available for an added cost.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1204-CRS1 CR Mar 2-Mar 3 $215.00
GENI-1204-CRS1 CR Jun 1-Jun 2 $215.00


Silver Jewellery- Beyond Basics

This course is for students who have taken either the Silver Jewellery Making-Beginner's course or Silver Jewellery Express I AND II. It will provide students with the opportunity to expand on their skills. Explore more techniques, such as an introduction to cuttlebone casting, how to claw set and flush set a faceted gemstone, texturing techniques using the reticulation process, roller printing, and various finishing techniques that will give your creations a professional finish. This course is labour intensive and has a moderate degree of difficulty. Note: Purchase your own supplies or a kit will be available to purchase from the instructor on the first day of class. See supply list online.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1206-CRS1 CR Mar 16-Apr 6 $279.00


Silver Wire Work Essentials

Unleash your creativity! Using three simple hand tools, discover the basics of working with sterling silver wire to create your own beautiful jewellery. Learn techniques to make essential jewellery components such as ear wires, connectors, wrapped beads, clasps, head pins, jump rings and chain. Using semi-precious beads, you will assemble the components to take home three pairs of earrings; a bracelet and a wire ring. Note: Materials are provided and included in the price. See the online supply list for additional items you may need to bring from home.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1216-CRS1 CR Mar 9 $139.00


Viking Knit Bracelet

Explore the surprisingly simple but dramatic ancient art of viking knit. You will use sterling silver wire to cast, weave, draw and add finishing touches to a gorgeous bracelet that will be admired for years. Note: Materials are provided and included in the price. See the online supply list for additional items you may need to bring from home.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1217-CRS1 CR Mar 10 $135.00


Spinner Ring

Create a sterling silver spinner (meditation) ring; a great one-day project for all levels. Through demonstrations and step-by-step instructions, you will learn basic jewellery fabrication techniques including accurately measuring metal, filing, texturing and soldering. Complete the day by learning some finishing techniques to add those final touches to your ring. Note: Materials are provided and included in the price. See the online supply list for additional materials you may need to bring from home.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1242-CRS1 CR Mar 17 $124.00


Filigree Ring

Create a truly unique filigree ring in sterling silver using an ancient technique in a contemporary style. All levels welcome. Note: materials are provided and included in the price. See the supply list online for additional items you may need to bring from home.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1245-CRS1 CR Feb 24 $139.00


Introduction to Beekeeping

Beekeeping is the most detailed form of animal agriculture. This course is an introduction to the art and science of beekeeping and will teach you how to keep bees in an increasingly inhospitable world. It is suitable for all levels of beekeepers - including those just starting out, beekeepers who want a "refresher" or anybody that just wants some bee time. If you don't have bees but want to hang out with like minded people and get into the hives - this course is also for you. Textbook / Reference materials provided.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-7915-CRS1 CR Mar 19-Mar 28 $299.00
GENI-7915-CVS1 CV Mar 5-Mar 14 $299.00


Permaculture: Design Your Property

Large or small, your property has the potential to provide you with an abundance of fresh food! Permaculture is a science-based ethical design system that teaches people how to layout their gardens in a way that cares for the planet. Applying the principles of permaculture, you will design your property by analyzing, mapping and planning it. You will learn the tools and techniques required to develop a regenerative abundant landscape.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-7945-CVS1 CV Mar 21-Apr 18 $165.00


Workplace Bullying And Harassment Prevention

This 3-hour workshop is designed for employees in any industry to meet the requirements outlined by WorksafeBC. In this practical hands on workshop, you'll learn the definitions of bullying and harassment, practical skills to address how to respond to incidents and procedures for reporting. The course will be adapted to include industry-specific, relevant case studies for participants to work through.

Section Location Dates Cost
HMR-012-CRS1 CR Mar 19 $85.00


CPR Level C with AED

This is an adult, child and infant CPR course. Skills taught and practiced include one- and two-rescuer CPR; Adult, child, and infant CPR techniques; management of the obstructed airway and Automated External Defibrillation (AED). Skills taught and practiced include one-rescuer CPR, choking, barrier devices/pocketmasks, and AED. Certification period is three years, but recommended for one year.

Section Location Dates Cost
HRT-011-CRS1 CR Aug 23 $70.00
HRT-011-CVS2 CV Apr 14 $70.00
HRT-011-CVS1 CV Jul 21 $70.00
HRT-011-PAS1 PA Mar 2 $70.00
HRT-011-PAS1 PA Jun 1 $70.00
HRT-011-PAS1 PA Jul 20 $70.00


Small Non-Pleasure Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDV-BS)

Gain the knowledge and skills required to operate small, non-pleasure vessels operating within 25 miles of shore (formerly MED A3). Topics include maritime hazards and emergencies, emergency response, firefighting, lifesaving equipment, abandonment, personal survival, signaling devices and rescue response. The goal of the course is to assist you in responding to marine emergencies in the coastal area.

Section Location Dates Cost
MED-003-CRS2 CR Mar 8 $209.00
MED-003-CRS3 CR Apr 12 $209.00
MED-003-CRS1 CR May 10 $209.00
MED-003-CRS2 CR Jun 7 $209.00
MED-003-UCS1 UC Mar 1 $205.00


Vehicle Inspector

This course prepares trade-qualified mechanics for the Authorized Vehicle Inspector (AVI) certification. Upon completion, students will be able to perform inspections on private and commercial vehicles according to specifications and responsibilities described in the Vehicle Inspection Manual and the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations. AVIs help maintain road safety and ensure compliant and safe vehicles are operating on BC roadways.

Prerequisite(s): Participants must hold a B.C. Trade Qualification or an Inter-provincial Red-Seal Certificate in at least one of the following: Automotive Service Technician, Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Commercial Transport Vehicle Mechanic, Commercial Trailer Mechanic, or Motorcycle Mechanic. Apprentices who have reached Level 4 in any of the above trades may also participate in the course, but will not receive their Inspectors Certificate until they become certified mechanics.

Section Location Dates Cost
MVI-010-CRS1 CR Mar 8-Mar 10 $609.00
MVI-010-CRS1 CR May 10-May 12 $609.00


Small Vessel Operator Proficiency Training Course

Gain the knowledge and skills required to operate small commercial vessels, other than tugs and fishing vessels, up to five gross tonnage engaged on a near coastal, class 2 or a sheltered waters voyage, and for fishing vessels up to 15 gross tonnage or 12 meters overall length engaged on a near coastal, class 2 (including an inland voyage on Lake Superior or Lake Huron) or a sheltered waters voyage.

Section Location Dates Cost
NAU-005-CRS2 CR Mar 4-Mar 7 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS3 CR Apr 8-Apr 11 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS1 CR May 6-May 9 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS2 CR Jun 3-Jun 6 $569.00
NAU-005-UCS1 UC Feb 25-Feb 28 $569.00


Restricted Operator Certificate - Maritime

This seven-hour course will prepare you for the Department of Communications examination for the Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime) (ROC-M).

Prerequisite(s): None

Section Location Dates Cost
NAU-016-CRS2 CR Mar 9 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS3 CR Apr 13 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS1 CR May 11 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS2 CR Jun 8 $219.00
NAU-016-UCS1 UC Mar 2 $219.00


Occupational First Aid Level 1

Learn CPR, choking and hemorrhage control and minor wound care according to WSBC Regulations, Part 3 Guidelines (3.14 - 3.21). This WorkSafeBC course is an excellent entry level WSBC First Aid course that is a recognized by local industry. Certification is by WSBC and is valid for three years.

Prerequisite(s): Students must be at least 16 years of age. Students under 19 require a parent/ guardian signed waiver. Picture identification must be brought to the 1st class.

Section Location Dates Cost
OFA-010-CRS4 CR Apr 23 $95.00
OFA-010-CRS1 CR Jun 11 $95.00
OFA-010-CRS1 CR Aug 14 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS2 CV Feb 21 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS3 CV Apr 24 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS1 CV Jun 25 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS1 CV Aug 7 $95.00
OFA-010-PAS2 PA Apr 9 $150.00
OFA-010-PHS4 PH Mar 9 $95.00
OFA-010-UCS2 UC Apr 10 $150.00


Resilience & Relaxation

Join Linda St. Claire, a retired Mental Health Nurse/Counsellor, in this 4-part series to learn easy strategies to improve your well being and relaxation. The sessions will be a half hour of learning/discussion and a half hour of a variety of easy relaxation techniques. This series is suitable for everyone. Instructor: Linda St. Claire

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-5807-PAS1 PA Mar 4-Mar 25 $25.00


A Closer Look at Homelessness

Patty Edwards and Terry Deakin of the Alberni Valley Community Stakeholders Initiative to End Homelessness (AVCSI) will provide an overview of the homelessness situation in the Province and more in-depth the situation in Port Alberni. A short history of the AVCSI committee and what the committee has accomplished will be presented and then an overview of the housing service providers and supports for those who experience homelessness in Port Alberni.

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-6426-PAS1 PA Mar 5-Mar 12 $15.00


Basic Payroll

Learn all aspects of payroll including setting up and calculating payroll, benefits and deductions, T-4 forms, the implications of the Employment Standards Act, and Records of Employment. Emphasis is on practical skills. This course is beneficial for those in administrative positions or business owner/operators. Required: Previous bookkeeping knowledge.

Section Location Dates Cost
PYR-010-CRS1 CR Mar 4-Mar 25 $205.00


FoodSafe Level I

Obtain the necessary certification to work in the food service industry. This course covers important food safety and worker safety information including food borne illness, receiving and storing food, preparing food, serving food, cleaning and sanitizing. Certificates will be valid for 5 years from the date of issue. Note: Bring a packed lunch, beverage and government-issued picture ID to class.

Section Location Dates Cost
TFS-010-CRS2 CR Feb 23 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS3 CR Mar 23 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS4 CR Apr 27 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS1 CR May 25 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS2 CR Jun 22 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS1 CR Jul 20 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS2 CR Aug 17 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS3 CV Mar 9 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS4 CV Apr 6 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS1 CV May 4 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS2 CV Jun 1 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS1 CV Jul 6 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS2 CV Aug 10 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS3 PA Mar 16 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS4 PA Apr 13 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS1 PA May 11 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS2 PA Jun 15 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS1 PA Jul 20 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS2 PA Aug 17 $99.00
TFS-010-PHS1 PH Mar 30 $99.00