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Wrkplc Insp/Accident Investg

The Workplace Inspections & Incident/Accident Investigations course will introduce participants to the regulations, responsibilities and processes for conducting effective workplace inspections and incident/accident investigations. Formal workplace inspections are an opportunity to identify any hazards in your workplace so to develop the necessary corrective actions and are an important element of all occupational health & safety programs. Formal workplace inspections are a "snapshot in time" of current workplace conditions and to be used to prevent unsafe working conditions from developing. Incident/accident investigations are required to be completed by an employer and where required, with assistance from the Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee, when an injury or a "near-miss" occur in the workplace and are an important part of all occupational health & safety programs. The goal of all incident investigations is prevention of it re-occurring by addressing the hazard(s). Upon completion of this course you will know how workplace inspections & incident investigations contribute to a safe & healthy work environment.

Section Location Dates Cost
WSF-039-CVS1 CV Nov 29 $295.00