International and Indigenous Food

Interest in food security in the North Island has increased considerably in recent years with community groups across the region engaging in projects to increase community knowledge of Indigenous foods.

The Indigenous and International Foods Project brought together members of the Awinakola project of the Kwakiutl Band; the Mount Waddington Community Foods Initiative; and a convergance of many different nationalities in ESL classes at NIC, concluding with a multicultural community feast, and a digital story detailing the results of the project.

NIC’s Indigenous and International Foods Project was funded by NIC's Department of Aboriginal Education, and NIC’s Global Engagement Fund which provides up to $5,000 per project to foster awareness of global issues.

“Over the past year, interest in food security has increased considerably in our region. Our goal was to begin to plant the seed of sustainable solutions by educating our community about our own position with food security, and the position of those around the world.”
Caitlin Hartnett
Project Coordinator

About the Project

Sharing traditional food is more than just nourishment. It’s a vital means to build community, connecting individuals to the land and to each other. NIC’s Indigenous and International Foods Project made this connection. Participants met weekly, sharing food while discussing ways to build intercultural intelligence. They researched international food systems, discussed global citizenship, equity, and social justice, and analyzed how these factors interconnect with themes of food security, locally and globally. The project culminated in a multi-cultural community feast including traditional food from Chile, China, Japan, Mexico, and Peru served alongside Indigenous Kwakiutl foods which were prepared by the project group and generous volunteers at U’Gwamalis Hall in T’saxis, Fort Rupert.

Project Coordinators

  • Caitlin Hartnett, Project Supervisor
    Mt. Waddington Regional Campus
    250-949-7912 ext. 2872
  • Leslie Dyck, Project Supervisor
    Mt. Waddington Regional Campus
    250-949-7912 ext. 2844
  • Jozi Child, Project Lead
  • Joshua Terry, Project Lead
  • Diane Bell, Kwakiutl Elder
  • Julia Falla-Wood, International Mentor

Community Partners

  • Island Health: Mount Waddington Community Foods Initiative
  • Kwakiutl Band: Awinakola Project
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