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Business Administration Diploma

Two-year diploma

Where: Comox Valley
Starts: September, January
  • Explore career options in general management, marketing or accounting to determine the path that's right for you.
  • Be in demand. More than 35 per cent of the projected 935,000 job openings in BC by 2024 are business and related occupations, most of which will require post-secondary education.
  • Learn from top-notch faculty, connect with business leaders and prepare for great jobs locally and internationally
  • Study abroad in Europe, Mexico or the US to earn international credentials while studying at NIC.
  • Earn academic credit through paid co-op work experience to develop industry-relevant skills and broaden your career options.
Career possibilities: Upon graduation, you will qualify you for a broad range of exciting employment opportunities such as office administration, accounting assistant, sales, retail, product manager and more.

Why Choose North Island College?

  • International exchange opportunities. You can participate in international exchange programs which allow for a semester of study in Germany, the US, Mexico, Poland, France and more.
  • Co-operative education. Integrate paid employment with academic study through co-op, giving you the confidence, contacts and applied experience to enter the world of business.
  • Want to go further? Depending on the diploma option you choose, the Business Administration diploma ladders directly into the third year of NIC’s business administration degrees in accounting, general management or marketing.

Program Highlights

You may choose from three diploma options:

General Management Option

Choose the general management option if you are looking for a program that covers a broad base of management functions. Sharing a common first year with other diploma options, you will continue into second year to learn commercial law, consumer behaviour, e-business, management information systems and entrepreneurial and small business management. These courses and others will help you develop a broad range of business and administrative skills and build a solid foundation for entry into the business world. After graduation, you will qualify for entry-level positions with large and small organizations, in the private or public sector. You will be prepared to start your own businesses or to enter directly into the third year of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree, General Management major.

Accounting Option

Choose the accounting option to qualify for entry-level accounting positions in accounting firms, other businesses or public sector organizations. Many of the courses within the accounting option are recognized toward Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA) designation. If you are pursuing the accounting option, you may, on completion of the diploma, enter directly into the third year of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree, Accounting major.

Marketing Option

Choose the marketing option to gain practical skills and a solid foundation of knowledge for employment in a marketing environment. Second year courses include consumer behaviour, professional selling, retail management, services marketing, and entrepreneurship and small business management. You will be prepared for a wide range of careers in retailing, marketing management, public relations, non-profit activities, and international marketing opportunities. You may also choose to ladder directly into the third year of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree - Marketing major.

Career Opportunities

A diploma in business administration will qualify you for a wide range of career opportunities. Depending on your interests and area of specialization, job titles may include, but would not be limited to, market researcher, sales and retail manager, advertising coordinator and product manager.

Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education integrates paid, program-related work experience with academic study. The practical experience gained on these supervised, structured work terms is an integral part of your education. The result is increased confidence, new employment contacts and practical experience locally, on Vancouver Island, provincially or internationally.
If you wish to participate in the Co-operative Education program, you are encouraged to apply during the first semester of your first year of study in order to have the best options for completing the program. You must complete Co-operative Education Pre-Employment Seminar (EMP-100) as a prerequisite to Co-operative Education Internship Work Term (BUS-197). This is a four-month paid work term, scheduled to take place May to August, immediately after completing your first year of full time academic studies.
Among the eligibility criteria, you must have a GPA of 2.33 or higher in the required business administration program courses and complete a co-op interview. You can be awarded a co-operative education designation on your diploma if you successfully complete EMP-100, BUS-197 and BUS-297 (in addition to your program course work). Note: these courses cannot be used as program electives, and have registration fees in addition to the program registration fees.
For more information on work terms, eligibility requirements, sample job opportunities and wages, please contact Co-operative Education.

Study in Scotland and Earn Two Degrees

Open up a world of opportunity by transferring 60 business administration credits to Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen Scotland to earn a degree in just one year, and then return to NIC to earn your second degree – all within four years! 

How to earn your degree in Scotland

Apply for entry to RGU’s third year BA Management or BA Management with Marketing degree by completing your NIC Business Administration (General Management) diploma or your Business Administration (Marketing) diploma or 60 credits of your NIC Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a cumulative 3.0 G.P.A. (B average) or higher. 

RGU will grant you a degree after you successfully complete the third-year of the non-placement route.

Return to NIC to earn a double degree

If you completed 60 credits of business courses at NIC and the third year of RGU’s BA Management or BA Management with Marketing degree, you can then return to the fourth year of NIC’s Bachelor of Business Administration General Management or Bachelor of Business Administration Marketing degree. This allows you to earn a second degree at NIC with just one more year of study.

Learn more

Admission Requirements

  1. C+ in one of Provincial English 12, English 12 First Peoples, NIC ENG-060, ENG-096, ENG-098, ESL-090 or equivalent; or English assessment; and
  2. C+ in Foundations of Math 11; or C in one of Principles of Math 11, Pre-Calculus 11, Applications of Math 12, or NIC MAT-053; or Math assessment;
  3. Or, permission of the department.

Upgrade with us to meet prerequisites

Upgrade your English, math and science courses for entry into the program of your choice. Succeed with the help of NIC’s supportive instructors. Courses are flexible and start several times a year so you can learn at your own pace. We offer daytime and evening options. Learn more

International Language Requirements

For international language requirements click here.

Transfer Credit & Credit For Prior Learning

The NIC business administration program accepts course transfer credit from a wide range of post secondary institutions and professional organizations. Detailed course transfer information for BC institutions may be found by accessing the BC Transfer Guide. Students possessing other applicable prior learning may request prerequisite waivers for selected courses.

To Be Successful

  • Basic computer skills in word processing and file management are required.
  • Consult with a business administration faculty member if you are unsure of your level of math preparedness for any of the business courses.

Program Requirements

Year 1: All Diploma Options

  • BUS-100 Financial Accounting Fundamentals
  • BUS-132 Mathematics of Finance
  • BUS-150 Administrative Principles
  • BUS-152 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
  • BUS-162 Basic Marketing Principles & Practices
  • BUS-170 Computer Applications for Business
  • ECO-110 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECO-111 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ENG-160 Effective Organizational Writing
  • ENG-115 Essay Writing and Critical Analysis or ENG-117 Academic Writing

Students may exit with a Business Administration Certificate

for co-op students only:

Students must complete EMP-100 in the Fall term as a prerequisite to Co-operative Education Internship Work Term (BUS-197) in the Spring.

  • EMP-100 Co-operative Education Pre-Employment Seminar
  • BUS-197 Business Administration Co-operative Education Work Term 1
  • BUS-297 Business Administration Co-operative Education Work Term 2

Year 2: Accounting Option

Year 2: General Management Option

Plus 3 electives totaling 9 credits chosen from courses numbered 100 or higher that transfer to a BC degree granting institution.

Year 2: Marketing Option

Plus 2 electives totaling 6 credits chosen from courses numbered 100 or higher that transfer to a BC degree granting institution.

Tuition & Costs Estimate for
Fall 2016, Winter, Spring & Summer 2017

Costs indicated are estimates for a 100% course load per year, unless otherwise noted. Additional fees may also include necessary equipment, supplies or field trips not included in these estimates.

While we do our best to share accurate and timely fee information, changes may occur. For more information, visit tuition page.

Domestic Fees

per Year
Tuition $2,850
NISU Fees $120
Books $1,500
Learner Resource $150
Health and Dental $275
Total $4,895
Co-op (optional): additional Tuition $855.
Full-time students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory Health and Dental Benefit plan.

International Fees

per Year
Tuition $12,480
NISU Fees $120
Books $1,500
Learner Resource $150
Health and Dental $275
Total $14,525
Additional Costs for International Students include the $100 Application fee and the $280 Accommodation Placement fee (optional).
Co-op is optional for Business Administration. Tuition for Co-op students is $1560 per course.
Full-time students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory Health and Dental Benefit plan.

Bill Parkinson

Bill Parkinson

Department Chair, Faculty

Business Administration

MA in Adult Education, Athabasca University (2005)

Subjects: Business
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4245 | Location DIS - 216

Kim Gibson

Kim Gibson


Business Administration

MSc, Accountancy, San Diego State University

Subjects: Business
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4154 | Location TYE - 217

Ali Mayboudi

Ali Mayboudi


Business Administration

MA, Economics, Simon Fraser University, 2013

Subjects: Business, Economics
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4157 | Location TYE - 216

Norma Pelletier

Norma Pelletier


Business Administration

Chartered Professional Accountant, CPA-CGA

Subjects: Business
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4156 | Location TYE - 215

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