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Business Administration Post Degree Diploma - Global Business Management

Two-year post degree diploma

Where: Comox Valley
Starts: September, January
  • Specialize in Canadian and international global business management including trade, marketing and finance.
  • Be in demand. More than 35 per cent of the projected 935,000 job openings in BC by 2024 are business and related occupations, most of which will require post-secondary education.
  • Develop cross-cultural skills studying with classmates from a variety of cultural perspectives.
  • Gain work experience through your internship and build your own network of personal business contacts.

Career possibilities: An international business education can take you in many directions, in Canada or internationally. Upon graduation, you will qualify for opportunities in consulting, management, marketing, financial advising, international management and more.

Why Choose North Island College?

  • Small classes, great instructors. Small classes and excellent instruction combine to give you a strong background in business administration. Employers recognize NIC business graduates as skilled, valuable assets to any company.
  • Give yourself an edge. With a post-degree diploma in business administration, you’ll have the knowledge to support your art, trade or science background in the business world.

Program Highlights

If you have a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution, this program provides you with the opportunity to complete your international business education in two years. No previous business experience or study is required.

In year one, you will develop a strong foundation in essential business functions, such as accounting, finance, marketing, business writing and administration. Coursework focuses on the international context, giving you a global perspective in all areas of study. You will also choose one additional class from a wide range of business, economics and foreign language electives. First year also includes EMP-100 Employment Preparation, a pre-employment course that provides you with the career skills needed for a successful internship.

If you wish to get a head start on the September program, you may be able to complete a few courses in the preceding spring and/or summer terms. Please talk to an educational advisor

In second year, you will deepen deepen your business understanding with upper level courses in international business, international finance and management. You will also begin to put theory into practice. In BUS-293, you will apply knowledge gained from several business disciplines to manage a company in an online business simulation. You will become part of a management team, making strategic business decisions in an effort to achieve a competitive advantage in your industry.

Upon completion, you will have relevant work experience through your program internship and will be well-positioned for careers in any industry that operates internationally. 

Career Opportunities

Your education in global business management will prepare you for career opportunities in a wide range of work environments, both in Canada and internationally. This may include working in the diplomatic corps, government, college and university international offices, international development agencies and as a small business owner. You may also consider further education in masters programs in a variety of disciplines. The possibilities are endless.

Are you an international student? With two years of academic study and internship from NIC, you will be eligible to apply for a three-year Canadian work permit upon graduation. See Immigration and Citizenship, Government of Canada for complete information on post-graduate work permits.


The two-year post degree diploma includes a one-term internship (full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid) in a position related to business management. The internship will give you the opportunity to apply theories and methods learned in the classroom to the analysis of actual business problems encountered in the workplace. You will also learn new skills to enhance your future employment success and/or to prepare you for further employment or academic study.

Admission Requirements

  1. An accredited Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of three academic years from a recognized institution. 
  2. C+ in Foundations of Math 11; or a C in one of Pre-Calculus 11, Principles of Math 11, Applications of Math 12, or NIC MAT-053; or Math Assessment. 
  3. Students applying to the Post Degree Diploma program whose undergraduate degree was not taught in English must meet English language requirements. Those requirements may be met by completing ESL-090 (minimum C+) or equivalent; or English Assessment; or a minimum TOEFL 550, TOEFL Computer Based Test (CBT) 213, TOEFL iBT 80 with no section lower than 19; or IELTS 6.0.

International Language Requirements

For international language requirements click here.

Program Requirements

Courses counted towards the prerequisite degree may not also be counted towards the post degree diploma.

First Semester

  • BUS-100 Financial Accounting Fundamentals
  • BUS-150 Administrative Principles
  • BUS-162 Basic Marketing Principles and Practices
  • ENG-160 Effective Organizational Writing
  • EMP-010 Internship Workshop - Students must complete this 15-hour, noncredit, online course as a prerequisite to BUS-500

Second Semester

  • BUS-132 Mathematics of Finance
  • BUS-360 Intercultural Dimensions of International Business
  • BUS-370 International Marketing
  • PHI-260 Business Ethics

Plus 1 general elective to be chosen from any BUS, ECO, CHN, FRE or SPN course at the 100 level or higher and ENG-115 or ENG-117, ENG-260, IMG-220 and MAT-115. (See sample Study Plans tab)

Year 2

  • BUS-293 Business Simulation
  • BUS-375 International Financial Management
  • BUS-380 Globalization and International Business
  • BUS-500 Internship – Applied Business
  • POL-203 International Relations

Plus 1 management elective to be chosen from the following: BUS-450, BUS-452 or BUS-492.

Plus 3 general electives to be chosen from any ECO, CHN, FRE or SPN course at the 100 level or higher, any BUS course at the 200 level or higher, ENG-260, IMG-220, MAT-115, and either ENG-115 or ENG-117. (See sample Study Plans tab)

Tuition & Costs Estimate for
Fall 2016, Winter, Spring & Summer 2017

Costs indicated are estimates for a 100% course load per year, unless otherwise noted. Additional fees may also include necessary equipment, supplies or field trips not included in these estimates.

While we do our best to share accurate and timely fee information, changes may occur. For more information, visit tuition page.

Domestic Fees

Year 1 Year 2 Grand Total
Tuition $2,710 $2,760
NISU Fees $110 $110
Books $1,500 $1,500
Learner Resource $135 $135
Health and Dental $275 $275
Total $4,730 $4,780 $9,510
Full-time students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory Health and Dental Benefit plan.

International Fees

Year 1 Year 2 Grand Total
Tuition $12,480 $12,480
NISU Fees $120 $120
Books $1,500 $1,500
Learner Resource $135 $135
Health and Dental $275 $275
Total $14,510 $14,510 $29,020
Additional Costs for International Students include the $100 Application fee and the $280 Accommodation Placement fee (optional).
Internship fee: additional $1000.
Full-time students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory Health and Dental Benefit plan.

Bill Parkinson

Bill Parkinson

Department Chair, Faculty

Business Administration

MA in Adult Education, Athabasca University (2005)

Subjects: Business
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4245 | Location DIS - 216

Kim Gibson

Kim Gibson


Business Administration

MSc, Accountancy, San Diego State University

Subjects: Business
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4154 | Location TYE - 217

Ali Mayboudi

Ali Mayboudi


Business Administration

MA, Economics, Simon Fraser University, 2013

Subjects: Business, Economics
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4157 | Location TYE - 216

Norma Pelletier

Norma Pelletier


Business Administration

Chartered Professional Accountant, CPA-CGA

Subjects: Business
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4156 | Location TYE - 215

Sample Study Plans

Most students should include BUS-350 (Organizational Behaviour) as one of their general electives, but other options are possible. For example:
Languages Option
Use all four general electives for languages courses.  To take a language course in each of the four semesters, either take five courses in the first semester or move a first semester course to the second semester and move PHI-260 to the second year.
Finance Option
Take MAT-115 (Introduction to Statistics) as a general elective in first year.  Then take BUS-244 (Finance) and BUS-335 (Quantitative Methods) as general electives in second year.  If you do not know Excel and have room in your program, you should also take BUS-170 as an elective. 
Marketing Option
Either take MAT-115 (Introduction to Statistics) as a general elective in first year and BUS-362 (Market Research) plus any two of BUS-264, BUS-265, BUS-267, BUS-368, BUS-430, and IMG-220 as general electives in second year; or take any four of BUS-264, BUS-265, BUS-267, BUS-368, BUS-430, and IMG-220 as general electives.

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