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EMP-100 Co-Operative Education Pre-Employment Seminar

30 hours seminar/15 hours Directed Study; 3 credits

This pre-employment course prepares students for success in identifying, securing and keeping work that is related to their long-term career goals. This is a highly interactive seminar in which students will learn about the principles of transferring skills and knowledge from the academic environment to the practical work environment. Topics include: self-assessment of employability skills, values and attitudes, resume writing, interview practice, skill transfer theory, work search techniques, goal setting, and workplace success skills. In addition to the classroom component, students meet individually on a regular basis with Co-operative Education faculty and staff to work towards their short and long term employment goals. Students mustcomplete this course in the Fall term as a prerequisite to Co-operative Education Internship Work Term THM-197 or BUS 197 in the spring.


  • Acceptance into Co-operative Education Program

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