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ESL-090 University & College Preparatory Writing

3 credits

ESL 090 is designed to prepare students for college/university level writing and communication. ESL 090 is equivalent to ENG 098 and meets the English prerequisite requirements of the majority of College and University Transfer programs. ESL 090 is of interest to students who can already communicate comfortably in English but who need to enhance and refine their writing and reading skills in English to the level required for entry into college or university courses. ESL 090 focuses on the development of sentence skills, on paragraph and summary writing, and on methods of essay and report development. In addition, emphasis will be placed on the development of higher level reading and vocabulary skills, while oral/aural skills will be addressed through listening, note taking, discussions, presentations and debates. Points of grammar, syntax, style and usage particular to ESL learners at the college entrance level will be given special attention.


  • Certified CLB 8 or, C+ in ESL 055 and ESL 089, or Assessment by ESL Department, or referral by English Department.

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