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SSW-122 Social Welfare in Canada

3 hours lecture, 3 credits

This course is an introduction to the history and development of social welfare policy in Canada with particular emphasis on British Columbia. Students also examine some current provincial and federal legislation relevant to income security, family and poverty.


  • C+ in English Studies 12, Provincial English 12, English First Peoples 12, ENG 096, or ENG 098; or C+ in ESL 092 and ESL 095; or English Assessment; or Admission into the Social Services Diploma or Human Services Diploma Program. University Transfer students require a C+ or better in Grade 12 English or equivalent, instructor permission and a letter of intent.

For course schedule information visit our timetable. Note: course registration is open to students accepted into an NIC program. If you have questions, please call 1-800-715-0914.

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