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Arts & Sciences

Discover a World of Possibilities at NIC

Keep your degree options open, save money and graduate with a fully transferable credential. Take as many or as few courses as you want for one or two years, receiving transfer credit to the bachelor degree of your choice. Explore your interests in:

Arts and Sciences

English & Languages

Academic Writing, Creative Writing, Literature Studies and Modern Languages (Chinese, French, Spanish)

Math & Sciences

Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics

Humanities & Social Sciences

Anthropology, Criminology, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Women’s Studies.

Take advantage of our dual or guaranteed admission with our university partners. Apply at the start of your degree or complete university credit at NIC first. Either way, you’ll make a seamless transition. Learn more.

Going to NIC was the best choice I ever made. The transition from high school to university is a big step and by the time I got to my second or third year at UNBC, class sizes were much smaller and more approachable.
Christine Law, University Studies, Northern Medical Program at UNBC
<a href="">NIC Turns 40</a>

NIC Turns 40

Through most of high school, Victoria Jancowski's passion for physics set her apart. She bonded with a few students and teachers who understood her dream of studying high energy particle physics at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland but not many of them were women. When she realized Jennifer Fallis Starhunter, an international expert in her chosen field, would teach her first-year physics class at NIC, she was beyond excited. "I'm so lucky to have met her," Victoria says. "If I had started at UVic I would have been in lecture hall with hundreds of other students. We never would have talked..."

NIC Study Abroad:
Crete Field School

Come along to Crete with NIC students and faculty! Check out the first in a series of videos documenting their adventures, while learning and living in Crete. Watch the video.

Join our Creative
Writing Community

Every year, NIC’s English faculty hosts creative writing events in the community, featuring some of BC’s top writers.

From the Write Here Readers Series, to Story Slam competitions, and Dinner & Story Nights with some of the departments’ top authors, NIC engages writers with readers.

Join our community and build your portfolio with NIC’s first- and-second year creative writing courses. Learn to write short stories, poetry and drama, as well as non-fiction pieces and journalism.

Explore Geography

Study earth sciences, oceanic circulation, and the impacts of human activities on ecosystems, with NIC’s physical and human geography courses. Take advantage of specialized lab equipment, knowing your courses transfer to UVic, SFU, and beyond.

<a href="/PDF_docs/collegeconnections/13_11_BlackPress_Awrap_p1_web.pdf">Engineered to Succeed</a>

Engineered to Succeed

Alexander Julianto travelled halfway around the world to take engineering at North Island College.

The 19-year-old left his family behind in Bandung, the third largest city in Indonesia for the relatively tiny Comox Valley last summer, looking for a quiet place to start his degree. More.pdf

<a href="/PDF_docs/cluster_pages/Awrap_1.pdf">For the Love of Science</a>

For the Love of Science

For Laura Griffith-Cochrane, the opportunity to graduate with a science degree, begin a career as the curator of Ucluelet's new aquarium, and do it all debt-free, was a dream come true. Read Laura's story.pdf

Take Two Years
of Sciences at NIC

At NIC, we offer a wide range of second-year courses that meet the prerequisites of medical, optometry, dentistry, and veterinary medicine programs across Canada. Consider:

Talk to an advisor to get started today!

NIC's online science lab wins silver in international competition

NIC's online science and technology lab received its second international medal in October 2016 – winning silver at the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics Awards of Excellence in Vitória Brazil.
NIC’s Remote Web-Based Science Lab (RWSL) placed second in the Access to Learning and Employment category -- topping a vocational college in China, which placed third. Learn more.

The Right Tools
for Science Education

NIC students enjoy access to quality laboratory equipment required for learning science, including phase-contrast microscopes with Zeiss optics, dedicated laptops for lab activities, an infra-red spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, PCR, and gel electrophoresis equipment. Comox Valley students also benefit from a Level 2 Biohazard containment lab.