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Seniors' Tuition Benefit


NIC’s Senior Citizen Tuition Exemption allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents ages 65 and up to waive tuition for University Studies courses with available space providing they meet the course prerequisites.

Registration for those who wish to participate in the Senior Citizen Tuition Exemption begins on the first day of term and concludes on the last day of registration referred to as the add/drop period.

Learn more about course options and registration below:

  1. How do I get started?
    1. Choose a course from a selection of available Academic and Credit Courses.
    2. Bring the Senior Citizen Tuition Exemption Application form to the Registration office on campus any time during the add/drop period (ie anytime during first day of term to last day of registration). Registration staff will process your application after verifying eligibility. Senior Citizens are encouraged to attend classes prior to approval during the first week, but can not be guaranteed a seat on-going until your application has been approved and you are registered.
  2. What can I take?
    Choose from first- and second-year University Studies courses with space available. Courses that are full or have a waitlist are not eligible for a tuition waiver. Once the waitlist have been lifted those courses will also be available on a first come, first serve basis.
    To browse a complete list of courses at your local NIC campus or centre, visit Academic Courses.
  3. What are the admission requirements?
    Most courses require previous high school study, called prerequisites. For example, a course may require students to have a C in Grade 12 English or a C+ in Grade 10 math. Please check course descriptions online to find out the prerequisites for your chosen course. Course prerequisites can be met by submitting a transcript, completing the Mature Declaration form or choose to audit the course.
  4. Can I skip the homework and tests?
    Seniors who choose to “audit” their course may participate without completing assignments or write exams, but you will not earn “credit” for the course. Just check off the Audit Student Status box on the Senior Tuition Exemption Applications form.
  5. How is this different from ElderCollege?
    Both are great options for seniors looking for lifelong learning opportunities near them.

    Tuition-free University Studies courses are available only to seniors 65 and up interested in digging into an arts, science, math, art, and business courses over the length of whole term. Classes are academically focused and take place with students of all ages.

    ElderCollege classes, are available by $10 membership to people 50 and up (55+ in the Comox Valley). Classes are offered on campus in a relaxed, mature environment on NIC campuses in Campbell River, Port Alberni, Port Alice, and the Comox Valley. Courses cost $0 to $40 and are available to browse online via

  6. What are the guidelines?
    • The following guidelines need to be met to receive a tuition exemption:
      • A fee paying student is not being displaced.
      • Space is available.
      • You provide proof of age on registration. Seniors must be 65 before the first day of classes, Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
      • Take a course tuition-free, ONCE. Tuition will be charged on further registrations in the same course.
      • If you’ve registered before classes begin, the tuition exemption will not apply.
      • Once registered, pay all other associated costs, including lab fees, student union fees, books, and materials.
      • The following courses are not eligible for the tuition exemption: FIN 291, FIN 292, FIN 293, FIN 294, FIN 295, FING 296, FIN 297, FIN 298.

Quick Links

Registration Office Hours
Senior Citizen Tuition Exemption Application pdf
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Need help?

Contact an educational advisor at 1-800-715-0914.

Interested in ElderCollege?

ElderCollege is designed for students who are looking for a unique community of adult learners. There are no exams, no grades, and no pressure; it's all about learning for fun! If you're interested in becoming part of the ElderCollege community, visit ElderCollege for more information.