Fishing, Indigeneity and the Asia Pacific

North Island College's Office of Global Engagement is excited to announce the opportunity for students to travel to Japan for a 10-day Field School to the coastal city of Wakayama, in Japan's Kansai Region.

Students will spend the duration of the trip exploring both urban and rural Japanese towns and cities, historic museums, hands-on learning about local fishing practices within Japan's indigenous community, and Canada's deep-rooted connection to the town of Mio.

Date: May/June 2024
Deadline for application: TBD
Cost: Around $6500
Credits: 3 credits: GLS 241 - Field School: Fishing, Indigeneity and the Asia Pacific


Fishing, Indigeneity and the Asia Pacific field school uses the Canadian fishing industry as a vehicle to explore issues of Indigenous sovereignty, trans-pacific migration, ethnic and intercultural relations, and globalization. Canada is a nation built on fish and the fishery remains culturally and economically integral to Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians. This field school will offer the opportunity to reflect on the importance of the land, sea, and marine life to local family networks in decolonized and indigenous ways of knowing and being, or as “property” from capitalist, settler colonial perspectives, and as ways of knowing in East Asian cultures.

Students participating in this field school will be invited to reflect on Indigenous, Japanese, and colonial ways of conceptualizing the world regarding self, sense of community, property, sovereignty, and fishing. The field school will also explore the circumstances, conditions, and motivations driving the Japanese migration to Canada and consider them in the context of immigration and Indigenous rights today.

Itinerary: To be finalized
Accommodations/Meals: shared hotel rooms (double/triple) with breakfast included potentially.

Those interested in this exciting opportunity are welcome to contact istudyabroad@nic.bc.ca for more information.

To find out if you qualify for financial assistance, check the Study Abroad Financial Support webpage.

Learn more about Study Abroad opportunities at https://www.nic.bc.ca/international/study-abroad/field-schools/.