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There are exciting Japan exchange opportunities through NIC with Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (NUFS) in Kyoto, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies  in Nagoya and Canada Japan Coop Programs. Study abroad placements occur in the spring or fall (subject to availability). The language of instruction is English.

Japan Exchange Dates

There is space for up to two students per year, and possibly more if space allows. Successful applicants automatically receive a stipend of 60,000 yen per month from NUFS for the duration of their exchange.

  • March - July (Spring semester)
  • Sept - Jan (Fall semester)

NIC Japan Exchange Application Deadlines

  • Spring semester: September 30
  • Fall semester: March 30

Application Package

Study Abroad Application

My time in Japan has been incredible. I've travelled, made friends and volunteered at orphanages, a school for the blind and a preschool. Life here feels like a dream.
Jacob Teichrib, an NIC student who spent a year abroad at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS).
Japan Exchange
Japan Exchange

Field(s) of Study

Exchange options in Japanese language and Japanese studies or in a variety of contemporary fields such as global business, tourism & hospitality, legal studies, politics, culture & art. NIC Students in the specific programs highlighted below can take courses and/or do a practicum placement:

Did You Know?

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies is located in Nisshin, Japan, about 20 km southwest of Nagoya. There are over 300 teachers and students here from all over the globe with an international campus that integrates study abroad programs, active learning, local speakers, career support and more.

The motto of NUFS is: Human Education and Practical Learning. The school "strives to create the kind of learning that meets the real needs of contemporary society. As a foreign language university, our educational goal is to develop our students into people who will contribute richly to society and can be active in shaping the 21st century."

Questions? Contact the Office of Global Engagement with your study abroad questions. T: 1-250-334-5033 or istudyabroad@nic.bc.ca