Canadian Forces

Flexible study options to suit your military lifestyle

NIC’s partnership with the Department of National Defence provides Canadian Forces members and their dependents access to support and services to achieve post-secondary success.

Receive academic credit based on your rank, training and education. Our advisor will review your military training to assess your eligibility for credit toward NIC certificate/diploma or associate degree requirements.

For more information contact NIC’s educational/military advisor at

Create your customized education plan today

NIC offers flexible study options that may apply to some or all members of the Canadian Forces. Contact the military advisor to set up your program and to discuss what is possible.

As a member of the Canadian Forces, you may be eligible for reimbursement for books and tuition. Contact your Personnel Selection Officer to find out what options are available for you.

Gain credit for rank

Non-commissioned members at or above Master Corporal/Master Seaman rank and officers at or above the Captain/Lieutenant (Navy) rank can receive six unassigned arts credits toward an NIC credential.

All current or retired military members will receive credit for Math 10 and English 10. You will require a current Military Personnel Record Resume (MPRR), with date and signature. Application to transfer credit for military rank.

Work with the military advisor to determine how these credits can be applied to your program of choice.

Upgrade - all levels to Grade 12

Whether you are trying to gain academic credit for promotion or to launch a new career, you can upgrade a wide range of high school level courses in math, English and sciences through NIC’s Adult Basic Education program. If your high school grades are not available, or if they do not meet course requirements, we can assess your English and math to determine if you have sufficient academic skills for admission. First, book an assessment prep session to review the material and to arrange any necessary testing accommodations.

Next, book and pay for your assessment with our registration staff, giving yourself time to study and prepare. Once you receive your results, make an appointment with an advisor to discuss next steps.

Start here. Graduate at University of Manitoba and beyond

Transfer seamlessly to university with our exclusive partnership agreements.

NIC is a proud member of the Canadian Forces Community College Network which supports expanding learning opportunities for members of the Canadian Forces and their families.

Our partnership with the University of Manitoba offers a flexible Bachelor of Arts degree path for NIC students, including past and present military members, reservists and their families.

NIC also has partnership agreements in place with other post-secondary institutions that allow you to transfer seamlessly to University of Victoria, Vancouver Island University, University of Northern BC and Royal Roads University. NIC courses can be combined to create a general transfer plan to universities Canada-wide.

Challenging ITA exams

If you have extensive experience working in a trade, you may be able to challenge ITA exams for certification. Our military advisor can help you navigate this process.

Learn in a supportive environment

Student Services provides a wide range of services and resources to help you reach your goals.

Prior learning assessment

NIC’s Counselling Services offers career and educational counselling, problem solving, learning strategies and crisis counselling. NIC’s Accessible Learning provides support for students with documented disabilities. The Library & Learning Commons offers research help, student technical services, peer tutoring, writing and math support.

Accommodation for Military Duty

NIC’s military/educational advisor can provide program knowledge and personal support to get you started. If military duties interrupt your coursework, talk to your instructor.

If you cannot reach your instructor during their office hours, our military/educational advisor can help you request extensions on class assignments, help to navigate withdrawals and provide additional support.