Grading System

NIC uses a letter grade and grade point system. Each letter grade is the equivalent to the percent earned in the course, which is also equal to a grade point. You can view your grades through myNIC.


Percent Letter Grade Point
95-100 A+ 4.33
90-94 A 4.0
85-89 A- 3.67
80-84 B+ 3.33
75-79 B 3.0
70-74 B- 2.67
65-69 C+ 2.33
60-64 C 2.0
55-59 C- 1.67
50-54 D 1.0
0-49 F 0

Calculating your GPA

Your grade point average is calculated by multiplying your grade point by the number of credits for each course, adding those numbers and dividing by the number of total credits. In the example below, your GPA would be 26.34/8 = 3.29


Course Credit Grade Point Weighted Grade Point Grade Point Average
C1 3 3.0 3*3 = 9
C2 2 2.67 2*2.67 = 5.34
C3 3 4.0 3*4 = 12
Total: 8 26.34 3.29

Other Terminology

Other than letter and number grades, there are other terms and acronyms that may appear on your transcripts.

AUD: Audit. The student is taking the course and completes all work without receiving a grade. Audit cannot be used as a prerequisite.

CIP: Course in Progress. The student is enrolled in a course with a future end date.

CS: Continuing Status. The student is continuing studies for an indefinite period beyond the registered end date of the course section.

EXM: Exempt. Based on documentation of successfully completed course work, exempted courses allow a student to register in a course and use the course as a prerequisite. Exempted courses do not carry course credit.

DNC: Did Not Complete. The student did not complete the required course work and has not formally withdrawn from the course by the official withdrawal date. DNC constitutes a failing grade.

INC: Incomplete: The student is unable to complete a course or program in the scheduled time due to demonstrated, exceptional circumstances. Incomplete is a temporary standing for a specified period with an extended end-date specified.

NGR: No Grade Reported. The student has completed the course but the grade is not yet submitted.

P/F: Pass/Fail. The course is a pass/fail.

W: Withdrawal. The student formally withdraws from the course by the designated withdrawal date.