The North Island College Board performs its work through regular board meetings and four committees: Executive Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, Governance and Human Resources Committee, President’s Performance and Compensation Committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the board chair, vice chair, immediate past chair, up to two appointed members from the board and the President/CEO. The executive committee conducts the work of the board between meetings. Executive Committee Terms of Reference.

Executive Committee Members

  • Eric Mosley, Committee Chair
  • Jane Atherton
  • Rob Everson
  • Patricia Trasolini
  • Lisa Domae

Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee is a standing committee of the board established to assist the board in meeting its financial accountability and oversight responsibilities. The committee makes recommendations and/or delivers reports to the board of governors in areas including the annual consolidated budget, annual audited financial statements and financial policies and banking resolutions requiring board approval. Finance Committee Terms of Reference.

The committee is made up of at least three board members, with a minimum of two appointed by the provincial government.

Finance and Audit Committee

  • Murray Erickson, Committee Chair
  • Arlo McCubbin
  • Valery Puetz
  • Chris Scarlatti

Governance and Board Development Committee

The purpose of the Governance and Board Development Committee is to assist the board in fulfilling its obligations relating elating to board governance and development management. The Governance and Board Development Committee Terms of Reference.

Governance and Human Resources Committee

  • Danielle Hoogland, Committee Chair
  • Jane Atherton
  • Barry Minaker
  • Sharlene Frank

NIC Foundation

NIC Foundation Representative

  • Arlo McCubbin

Education Council

Education Council Liaison

  • TBC