North Island College, as a post-secondary institution, has a responsibility to operate with cost consciousness, integrity and accountability. Consistent with the Accountability Framework for BC’s Post-Secondary Education System, NIC will report publicly on efforts to fulfil its mandate and achieve targeted results and the outcomes of those efforts. The following reports are produced as part of our annual operations to ensure our accountability in meeting our mandate.

Financial Reports

Financial reports include budgets, audited financial statements and statements of senior employee compensation for the previous three fiscal years.


Audited Financial Statements

Statement of Financial Information

Executive Compensation Disclosure

Disclosure of the CEO and next four top decision makers with a salary of $125,000 or more.

Institutional Accountability Plan and Reports

Public post-secondary institutions in British Columbia prepare an annual accountability document, including a multi-year plan and report. NIC’s Institutional Accountability Plan and Report includes goals, objectives and performance measure results along with information to describe NIC’s role in providing services to our students and communities.

Environmental Scans

Environmental scans provide context and an overview of NIC, the region and its people. Created in support of the strategic planning process, they include information on student demographics, population changes, educational background and occupational opportunities across the region.

NIC Fast Facts

View the most recent stats about NIC.

Aboriginal Service Plan

Reports to the Ministry of Advanced Education, with an overview of successes and proposed programs and activities for the coming year.

College Highlights Reports to the Board






Master Site Plan

Comox Valley Master Site Plan


Carbon Neutral Action Report

Health & Safety Reporting