Faculty Profile - Jan Meiers

Jan Meiers

Jan Meiers



Master of Nursing, (Athabasca University, 2006 )
Registered Nurse - since 1988

Subjects: Nursing
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5068

I graduated from the Royal Alexandra Hospital School of Nursing in 1988.I worked in the acute care setting (surgery) for 12 years. During this time, I had the privilege of being a preceptor/mentor for nursing students. It was also during this time that I quickly realized my desire to be a life-long learner and began to work on my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree; graduating in 1998.

I began teaching in the BSN Program, at North Island College in January 2000 - about the same time I began to engage in graduate studies. In 2006, I completed my Master of Nursing degree at Athabasca University. During this program, I focused my work on fostering student success and integration of technology into nursing education and practice (it was the dawn of the simulation era), 

I love my work and the privilege of working with nursing students. I am energized by their curiosity and engagement as learners.

Over the years, my research focus has evolved to creating meaningul and comprehensive learning within the psychomotor skills lab, including human patient simulation, virtual simulation, medication calculation to support student safety, and enhancement of student learning opportunities through deliberate practice. 



Master of Nursing, (Athabasca University, 2006 )
Registered Nurse - since 1988

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, (University of Victoria, 1998)

Nursing Diploma (Royal Alexandra Hospital, 1988)

NUR-104 Nursing Practice I: Introduction to Nursing Practice

NUR-105 Health and Healing I: Living Health

NUR-113 Professional Practice II: Introduction to the Discipline of Nursing

NUR-115 Health and Healing II: Health Indicators

NUR-206 Health And Healing III: Health Challenges/Healing Initiatives

NUR-216 Health and Healing IV: Health Challenges/Healing Initiatives

NUR-276 Consolidated Practice Experience II

NUR-304 Nursing Practice V: Promoting Health and Healing

NUR-306 Health and Healing V: Complex Health Challenges/Healing Initiatives

NUR-375 Consolidated Practice Experience (CPE) III

NUR-405 Professional Practice V: Leadership in Nursing

NUR-414 Nursing Practice VIII: Transitioning to BSN Graduate

Meiers, J. & Russell, M. (2019) An unfolding case study: Supporting contextual psychomotor skill development in novice nursing students. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 16(1)

Meiers, J.  (2020) Medication Calculation: A supplement for BSN students (5th ed). Courtenay, BC: North Island College.

  • Co-Recipient of the Eduation Innovation Award - Western Northern Region Canadian Associaton of Schools of Nursing (WNRCASN) 2016 ($5000.00) (Martha Russell/Jan Meiers)


    WCHSE 2020 (Kamloops, BC) - Using Backward Design to Create a Framework for Psychomotor Skills Teaching in BSN Education (Co-Presenter with Martha Russell) - 

    WCHSE 2020 (Kamloops, BC) - Best Practices in Teaching Medication Calculations: Designing a Way Forward - Conference Cancelled 

  • INACSL 2020 (Raleigh, NC, USA) - Implementing Unfolding Case Study in the Nursing Lab: Supporting Students to Bring Context to Psychomotor Skills Learning in BSN Education (Co-Presenting with Martha Russell) - Conference Cancelled

  • WCHSE 2019 (Kelowna, BC) - Skills Skills Revolution: Moving from Traditional Towards Evidence-Informed Psychomotor Skills Teaching (with Martha Russell) 

    WNRCASN 2019 (Edmonton, AB) - Creating Relational Leaders: Celebrating 8 Years of Emerging Nurse Leaders (with Lynne Oberik)

  • WCHSE 2018 (Parksville, BC) Bridging Theory and Practice in Skills Learning: The Impact of Using an Unfolding Case Study Pedagogy (Martha Russell)

    WNRCASN 2018 (Calgary, AB) 2016 WNRCASN Education Innovation Award: Disseminating Project Results for "Unfolding Case Study" (Martha Russell)

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