Faculty Profile - Kerri Lowey Mackenzie

Kerri Lowey Mackenzie

Kerri Lowey Mackenzie
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4229 | Location PNT - 124

Kerri has been involved in the field of social services for over 20 years. She holds a BSW from the University of Regina and an MPhil from the University of Sheffield England, Faculty of Law. The focus of her thesis was the Integration of Restorative Justice in Schools. She started her practice in Saskatchewan where she was involved with elder care, youth justice, women’s issues and working with individuals with special needs. She also worked in the United Kingdom for Mediation UK and conducted research to help with recommendations to reform the criminal justice in Northern Ireland. 

In 2000, she was the youngest participant to present at the United Nations Congress on Crime and Prevention on Restorative Justice in Austria and was also selected to attend a United Nations Summer School in Geneva. Kerri has also worked teaching ESL students, provided foster care in the community and worked in youth custody. In 2013, she was awarded a National Institute for Staff and Organization Development Excellence Award. She is also a wife and mother of two wonderful children, Brooke and Liam.

She currently teaching in education assistance/community support and social services. She is passionate about conflict management, community development mental health and wellness, diversity and inclusion in education and lifelong learning.

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