Faculty Profile - Lynne Oberik

Lynne Oberik

Lynne Oberik



Master of Nursing (Athabasca University, 2009)

Subjects: Nursing
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5061

Lynne's nursing practice has centred on rural and remote nursing in acute and community care (PHN), focusing on the maternal-child population.

Lynne has been a faculty member in the BSN Program at NIC since 2003, teaching in all years of the program and leading clinical nursing practices in maternal/child, medicine and surgery.

She was the NIC curriculum representative for CAEN Curriculum Committee (2010-2013). She is currently faculty support for the Global Learning Initiative - a student-led initiative devoted to creating partnerships with local community organizations and individuals to foster awareness, discussion, and commitment about global issues.

Master of Nursing (Athabasca University, 2009)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Post RN (University of Victoria, 1997)

Nursing Diploma (Algonquin College, 1985)

NUR-103 Professional Practice I: Introduction to the Profession of Nursing

NUR-104 Nursing Practice I: Introduction to Nursing Practice

NUR-105 Health and Healing I: Living Health

NUR-113 Professional Practice II: Introduction to the Discipline of Nursing

NUR-114 Nursing Practice II: Coming to Know the Client

NUR-115 Health and Healing II: Health Indicators

NUR-175 Consolidated Practice Experience I

NUR-204 Nursing Practice III: Promoting Health And Healing

NUR-206 Health And Healing III: Health Challenges/Healing Initiatives

NUR-214 Nursing Practice IV: Promoting Health and Healing

NUR-216 Health and Healing IV: Health Challenges/Healing Initiatives

NUR-276 Consolidated Practice Experience II

NUR-304 Nursing Practice V: Promoting Health and Healing

NUR-306 Health and Healing V: Complex Health Challenges/Healing Initiatives

NUR-314 Nursing Practice VI: Promoting Health of Communities and Society

NUR-318 Health And Healing VI: Global Health Issues

NUR-375 Consolidated Practice Experience (CPE) III

NUR-404 Nursing Practice VI: Engaging in Leadership

NUR-405 Professional Practice V: Leadership in Nursing

NUR-414 Nursing Practice VIII: Transitioning to BSN Graduate

  • WNRCASN Conference Presentation, February 2019. Creating Relational Leaders: Celebrating 8 Years of Emerging Nurse Leaders. Hartman, R., Meiers, J. & Oberik, L.

  • CBIE Conference Presentation November 2015. What does a small rural college do to support non-traditional students to study abroad? Clark, C., Cummings, A., Hearnden, M., & Oberik, L.


  • CAEN Conference 2011 Presentation: April 2011. Working with Practice Appraisal Forms (PAFs) & Domains of Practice: Unraveling the Mystery. Courtenay BC. Tate, B., Oberik, L & Dubois, R.

  • Group Pregnancy Research Project Presentations:

    Group Prenatal Care Model and Evaluation. Inspirenet NES Webinar (March 2013) and CAEN Conference 2013, Nanaimo BC. Hartman, R., Goodliffe, R.,Woodrow, D., & Oberik, L.

  • Women’s health camp – Rural Village Nepal, June 2011. Presentation to Strathcona Sunrise Rotary October , 2011 - Clark, C., and Oberik, L.

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